Uriel for CSM 16 :: The Significance of Story, and its important role in EVE Online

I see your concern there, haha - and I think that’s a very valid consideration for some community members. On the other hand, however, it’s not like being on the CSM necessarily opens you up to knowing about upcoming story (not much of it at all, reading any past minutes), and I don’t think being there would affect my ability to put out the compilations & speculations I’ve done over the years, unless some huge thing gets brought up.

Again though, it’s definitely a thing to think about - but at the very least I’d like to serve the community well by representing and championing this aspect of the game.


I feel like it will just feed him creating cryptic memes and jokes.

Ever had a Minmatar tell you about his guns?

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Hi Uriel,

Been a while, gotta say it’s good to see you here running for CSM… You definitely have my vote.


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The recent events with CCP-controlled NPC player character capital ships in high-sec is exactly the sort of thing that can drive a lot of good interaction in conjunction with story;

The EOM brought a Titan to a planet more than a decade and a half ago, back in 2004, and the new event both mirrors this and brings the group back into a significant place - driving player interest and participation in the “world” itself, as well as priming them to ask “what happens next”?

Love to see it - and it’s the biggest thing I advocate for.


I got hooked on the story, right from the start, I would like to vote for you but…

…how do you intend to do that when you dont even respond to ingame mails about the lore?

I hope you do well, but I think it should be added that you represent a exceptionally limited interpretational view of EVE lore and from a very insular perspective.

Perhaps a more accurate description would be that you intend to voice your voice and collective views from the tiny group of exclusive roleplayers you infact represent?

I’ve only received two ingame mails about anything lore-related in the past half-year or so - the most recent being about a hypothetical anagram of a region description, which sounds interesting, and one asking for a bit of guidance toward being able to help out with things in relation to the Drifters in particular, from a few months ago. Regrettably, I indeed failed to respond to these in any timely manner: prior to the past month or so, I’ve been unable to consistently log into the game client itself, due to some IRL responsibilities (that said, I can always be found more immediately on Discord at Uriel#2062, or on Twitter)

I’m kind of taken aback at this assertion, as that’s completely not the case - indeed, I talk day to day with a lot of people who have been into the game’s story for years, all of whom tend to congregate in some focused spaces (like the Roleplay is Primary Discord, which I’ll link below). I do not, however, seek to further some conspiratorial goals for some secret small group. I’m not here to try and pry out story information, or spoil future reveals or events, or force peoples’ ideas about what should happen in the story onto CCP’s teams.

The point of my campaign and, given the opportunity, a placement on CSM16, is to encourage the exposure of the worldbuilding of the game to as many players as possible, through actual integration with in-client gameplay. The more people who are made aware of it and can see it in the first place, the more there will be who might stick around permanently because of it - and the better EVE will be for the story’s actual presence in the game itself.

The Roleplay is Primary discord is a great, open space where anyone who’s interested can hop in and listen, ask things, discuss any aspect of the story, etc - I do lament that the movement of this sort of discussion from forums to discord makes things less discoverable, however, so I also plan to do more actual talking on the lore forums (both in the style of my big old compilations, and other things). That said, here’s the link to that discord:

Hi Uriel, You have my vote, and further I have added you to my List of Endorsements. Best of luck to you.


Every year I make my endorsements public over on Eveoganda. And each year I pick candidates based on their integrity, what I personally know about them as people, and how well I believe they will serve the widest spectrum of Eve players. This year it is even more critical, since I am also running for CSM and want to ensure we have a council dedicated to getting things done. And while my concerns are primarily centered around LS/FW, I’m confident that Uriel will make a great addition to the CSM. That’s why he will be on my ballot this year.


I was on with @Ashterothi recently for an interview on his EVE Universe show, and it’ll be up on Youtube soon for everyone to watch~ Hope all who’ve already seen it enjoyed it, and got some good insight into my campaign & whatever else it provided :slight_smile:


And here it (they) are!


We really need someone who reminds CCP to make that universe we play in worth experiencing.
Tired of going through countless gates while barely remembering or noticing something about the systems I traverse. I’m sure someone who cares about the Lore and the Universe will be able to help make this game more immersive and alive!


I have no doubts someone as dedicated as Uriel would make a great candidate. Looking forward to seeing what you will accomplish :slight_smile:

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Huge thanks to everyone who thinks this platform is worth championing~ Even if I don’t end up on the CSM, if this causes any increase in discussion regarding the value of story and of EVE’s awesome world & lore, I’ve already succeeded~~


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