Onyx/Oliver Aurelius for CSM XIV

Why am i Running?
EvE has been around for over 15 years at this point, an evolving world with a rich history, known for it’s massive battles, single shard universe, player politics and mostly player run economy. That was the tag line that got me to play the game originally (though that game was younger then), and it is was this that has kept me here, year after year, wanting to see what comes next. Now after three plus years of watching this crazy universe we call a second home evolve, two things conspired to get me to finally run for the Council of Stellar Management.

A desire to give players, new, old, bitter, and hopeful, another voice after seeing some of the grumblings after the most recent set of CSM meeting minutes were released, to hopefully bring to the table more than just a player filling a seat and being there because of their in game fame or infamy (depending on player perspective), to actually try and engage the player base and bring to CCP ideas to improve as many facets of the game that can be improved.

And because an acquaintance when i joked i was considering running said to me "Do it, no balls."
You know who you are.

So here i am, running for CSM on equal parts on a dare and optimism, probably against my better judgement.

Who am i?

I have two characters you may know me by, Oliver Aurelius, whom i use for various odds and ends like hauling and going to in world events, and Onyx Aurelius, who was my main character for better part of three years, and who is still in EvE University. I spend my time these days looking at the various parts of the game and how we got to where we are now, what patches gave us what changes, level of impact, player politics, the usual items that players who have been around awhile like to look at, as well as spending a fair bit of time tinfoiling with some of the RP groups about that’s in the pipe for lore/story items.

For the most part i would fully expect most people to have never heard of me, or if they have by something like “Oh yeah i remember that guy, he used leads fleets once every few months, got blown up on one”, as i’m not some big name in the community and iv’e been out of touch with E-Uni for a bit, things that will be changing soon enough.

The platform

I’ll be upfront and say right now i don’t have a solid specific issue set i’m looking to address, not this early in any case. That’s due in part to the issues i might think are important may not actually be what the greater part of New Eden wants to see brought to CCP’s attention and addressed, and because over the course of the next few months, old issues might get fixed and new ones will appear, it’s a moving target and my platform will move with it. A FAQ will eventually be put together at some point. (Though expect a Reddit AMA or something similar closer to election time if this actually goes somewhere)


A Current semi retired EvE University member/Lore junkie is running for CSM on a dare because people have done more for less, both in game and out of game, and now is expected to try and actually run for the position.

A Vote for Aurelius is a vote for the continued development of New Eden, for balance, and for most importantly, content!

If you’re looking to reach me, in game mail to Oliver Aurelius would be the easiest/most reliable for now, later on i may open up additional lines as thing progress.

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