[US/AUTZ] [EN/中文] Baozi You Rou Recruitment | PvP & Safe Space


Traditionally a Chinese speaking alliance, Fraternity has a large, growing English-speaking side. As the founding member of WinterCo, FRT is no stranger to opening up and working with others.

Fraternity., and by extension Baozi-You-Rou, is currently living in Vale of the Silent and Tribute. No space in the game is as safe as the space we currently offer. With our HD fleets and ESS fleets, we are able to keep our home secure, open to isk making, and offer the option to PvP to keep our space safe.

Baozi-You-Rou is a relatively new corporation focused on creating content in USTZ and AUTZ. Our offer is especially relevant to those who would like to be involved in the CN community but are USTZ–such as those living overseas. All of our directors are fluent in both Mandarin and English.

We are able to offer a lot, both to new and returning players:

  • Safe Ratting Space
  • Moons to mine
  • Constantly available PvP
  • Near daily fleets
  • Experienced leadership
  • Logistics service to and from Jita
  • Coalition and Alliance SRP
  • An engaging community to be a part of
  • and fun to be had

Though we do have a few requirements:

  1. Must have Discord
  2. Willingness to learn and participate
  3. Have a good attitude !

Our goal is simple: to create content and grow our pilots.

We will always do everything in our power to achieve these goals.

Are you new to PvP? Or possibly an experienced returning player? We can offer you what you’re looking for.

Join us on discord and say hello.

Recruitment is currently closed and we are moving to a vouch only system for the time being. This is to focus on our members and to build them up in the best way that we can :slight_smile:

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We’re still looking for players interested in fighting the good fight and having fun with new friends :slight_smile:

Come join like minded friends, make some isk, and shoot some bad guys–all the best parts of EVE

Clearing incursions, clearing Delve, creating content. All in a days work.

Apply today and join the fun :slight_smile:

Hi, how do i apply to join? im from singapore so my TZ is more ideal for CN and AUST TZ. Been doing ratting & mining at hisec. would like to have a change of gameplay.
i speak both chinese and english, english is my stronger language

can I just buy a permit and do some data and relic hacking in your sovereignty. :slight_smile:

Hey Neo, I appreciate the offer, but I’m sure we can offer you something better: a home and exciting content. Hop on our discord when you get a chance and we can chat about your future :slight_smile:

I’m glad we got a chance to talk. I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic fit into our family :muscle:

We’re still looking for like minded players to join our family and enjoy engaging content. Come chat with us on discord!

Hop on discord to say hello and chat to one of our recruiters :muscle:

Come by, say hi, and starting flying with us tomorrow <3

Looking for a new home? We’d love to help you settle in and join our family :slight_smile:

Happy new year :slight_smile:

It’s time to make a new resolution to enjoy the game more, and what better way to do that than to fly with people who treat you with respect and create an environment to enjoy the game? Come chat with us and find your new home ^^

We’re still going strong and are looking new faces to join us having fun :muscle:

Hop on discord and chat with one of our recruiters today! We have people active in almost every TZ, so the wait will never be long :slight_smile:

We’re still going strong with no signs of letting up :muscle:

Hop on and join the fun

Every day only brings new adventures. Why not come be a part of them and something bigger than ourselves?

Looking for activity, fun people, a new environment, and so much more? Come fly with us and experience a whole new way to play the game :slight_smile:

Fleets, fun, money, oh my! The possibilities are endless when you put yourself out there.

Take a leap into a bigger pond and fly with Baozi. Chat with us on discord and join our family :slight_smile:

We’re pushing ever onward and having fun the whole way. Be a part of something bigger and help us help you. Chat with us to see how we can make your EVE career blossom ^^

As one of the most active corps on the EN side of Fraternity, we’re always looking for more people fighting the good fight :muscle:

Fleet up Capsuleer, we have space to burn.