[US/AUTZ] [EN/中文] Baozi You Rou Recruitment | PvP & Safe Space

Want a chance to use your SP? A place to learn PvP and experience EVE? Come join us down in Vale of the Silent and have fun in EVE. Join us on discord to find a recruiter to chat to.

We leave little to be wanted between our strong SRP program, newbro guides, and strong community. Come take part in having fun and enjoying the game in your own way.

When I decided to join Baozi-You-Rou, I was a exclusively living in high sec and mining ice all day and mostly playing solo. It was very boring and I finally made the decision to try out null sec life as I’ve been reading there’s alot of content and excitement there.

Ever since joining the corp, Eve has become a different game for me with large and small fleet battles, better income and the ability to fly nice ships and the mining and industry is much better in Null.

Corp management are friendly and helpful and they will not hesitate to answer my noob questions regarding null sec life and they really helped me ease and get comfortable in this harsh environment. No question is a dumb question in their opinion as we all know, Eve is a complicated game. Till date, I’ve not regretted moving into null and joining one of Eve’s biggest alliances.

I’m from AUTZ/CNTZ and I was expecting FRT to be more active during CNTZ and fleets conducted in Mandarin. However, content is endless and there’s always something to do no matter the time. Baozi is in the English side of the alliance and there are fleets conducted in English by experienced FCs.

Personally, I’d recommend anyone interested in spicing up their life in Eve to give Baozi a shot.


Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

We love having you and look forward to the future in BAOZI :muscle:

Growing bigger by the day and always looking for more friends to join our family.

Find out what we’re about and come chat with a recruiter :slight_smile:

Another amazing fight. Wanna take part in the next one? Come chat with us on discord to join in on the fun :muscle:

You blink and March just disappears without a trace.

They say time flies when you’re having fun; come be a part of the excitement and chat with a recruiter on our discord :slight_smile:

The best way to enjoy your weekend is safely with new friends :slight_smile:
Come give it a shot and say hello on our discord :muscle:

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