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Dormir no da ISK [ISKDA] is a proudfull corp member of Get Off My LAWN of The Imperium Coalition. We’re currently recruiting Latin American players of the US time zones. Our primary language is Spanish. A microphone is required.

Be part of our history! We are a corporation with only one goal: Have fun in a good environment. We are looking for active players who want to be part of our group. Come, forge your way and create your legend.

We offer:

  • An excellent funny environment with veteran and new players.
  • Systems in Null Sec where you can do mining/PvE/Industry and PI.
  • Large Scale Capital/Subcapital Fleet PVP
  • Buy/sell in the biggest marketplace of Null Sec.
  • Specialized Squads/Sigs and Interest groups to join.
  • Multiple Structures in Null sec.
  • Full buyback programs and SRP for Alliance and Coalition Fleets.
  • Production and PI.
  • Industry/mining/PvE veteran experience.
  • Jump Freighter and Freighter Services to our space and from HS
  • Mumble, Jabber. Teamspeak, Forums, and Discord.

We Require:

  • 1 Strategic Fleet Participation (PAP) per month. You will have accompaniment and guide the first time in case you do not know how to do it.
  • ESI registration on both Alliance and Coalition sites.
  • Must be able to use comms during fleets.

Our HRs and Direction will NOT scam you. We will NOT ask you for ISK to join. We will NOT ask you to contract us for free or trade us your assets unless the CEO and ONLY the CEO tells you to do that directly to him.
If anyone else asks you for the above you need to report them immediately to a corp director, diplomat or the CEO himself.

To apply or for further assistance join Dormir no da ISK public channel ingame. Follow the directions listed in the MOTD.

Our Youtube: Dormir no da ISK
You can also join our discord channel:
Our Discord: Discord Dormir no da ISK

que viva Colombia:)

up to the top you go

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Bump we still recruiting

Si dejas la mackinaw minando afk y dormis, si da isk :slight_smile:

Bump, we’re recruiting

Bump we still recruiting

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