US+EU: [TPOSE] StratsCo 🦂 Balance work, life, and wormholes. Now with Alliance opportunities!

No matter the timezone.
Why shoot with one laser when you can shoot with two?
Unless you haven’t lost them that is.


StratsCo + Discord
Public: 21SEP Diplomacy

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We run events everyday!

  • Abyssal sites
  • Wormhole shenanigans
  • LV4 missions
  • Structure bashing
  • BlackOps
  • Official CCP events
  • Faction standing farm fleets
  • PVP roams
  • Weekly community events
  • We stream and have Q&As for new players
  • Industry in all of it’s glory

List is getting kind of long… You get the idea.
We’re active and do things, usually together!
Also we have this rule: Be excellent to each others

No drama & no bitter vet talk!
People first.



Recruiting US and EU capsuleers. Hit us up.

Problems shooting?
Not hitting the target?
You must’ve rigged your ship wrong…
We can help you!

*See the above posts on what we do.
It’s great! We’re excellent to each others.


This is not a thread bump. It’s a tribute.

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> There is something wrong here… something which makes my sheath retract and my talons ooze.
> I sense the ugliness of a thousand evil thoughts
> and I have located the source of these fetid emanations.
> They come from aboard your vessel!
> Foolish renegade human, why have you come here? All that you have found
> is your home, sweet warm wormhole…

We are recruiting!
We have fleets!

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:white_check_mark: US
:white_check_mark: EU
:white_check_mark: Your Time Zone

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These are some of the things we do!
See you in space :slightly_smiling_face:

Choose one:
:a: Interested
:b: Interested
:ab: Super interested

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:ab: Super interested

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More info on our wiki: EVE Online | StratsCo

Scroll up to see what we do.
We have fleets.
And content.
And fleet content.

Especially looking for industrial pilots and more eutz coverage!
Though, everyone is welcome, we’re excellent to each others.

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US and EU pilots welcome.

Shake our hand. Let’s be friends. Friend.

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Usually we fly through wormholes. Together.

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