[US/EU] - Zacharia Explorations Group - (C3 > HS)

Zacharia Explorations Group is a small, casual corp based out of a C3 WH with a HS static. We don’t take the game too seriously, and our members have diverse play styles from industry/mining to PvE to PvP. Our HS static makes daily logistics and industry operations easy, although we sometimes need to roam other connections to find content.

This is our first time opening up public recruitment even though we’ve been around for several years - we want to fill out our roster with more quality people and make some new friends in the process. We’re not specifically a ‘family-friendly’ corp but we may as well be. We might be a good fit for people who are looking to step out of highsec, but want a casual environment without the skill/time commitment for higher class space or logistics problems of going to null. Veterans are welcome too, we have some seasoned PvPers and we always enjoy helping each other out with whatever project or goal we have, whether it’s building your own Orca or sieging a low-power citadel in another WH.

What we offer:

  • Friendly, older corp, most members are 40+
  • 0% Taxes
  • Good planet mix to run PI in the WH
  • Corp mining, PvE, and PvP roams
  • Mentorship in all things wormholes - how to run C3 sites/relics/data/gas, roll holes, and survive in j-space
  • Pathfinder server
  • Discord


  • Good attitude
  • Willingness to learn how to be self-sufficient in wormholes

Join the Zacharia Public channel or contact Ivan En’Vec, Quadira, or Bodhi Sattva in-game.



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