US TZ Corp Looking For Pilots!


New, English speaking, faction warfare corp recruiting US TZ pilots. We fight for the Minmatar Republic in faction warfare.

Currently this corp only has one member, me! Yes it is a formidable challenge to start a corp solo, but I am determined to create a group that fixes the flaws I have seen in almost every past group I have joined. Interested or just want to make great isk in fw? Don’t hesitate to join the discord.

No requirements other than an enjoyment of pvp!

Corp Discord

Being in minmil means almost daily public fleets, and all of them are fun! Any interest in this corp at all don’t hesitate to join the discord

Curse | Kabkill | Killmail | zKillboard getting great kills and flying with amazing people, recruitment still open!

Our corp is located in a content rich part of lowsec, join now for daily kills!

Still recruiting! Check out the discord!

Considering getting into pvp? Fw is a great way to learn!

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