[US TZ] Sleeper Dreams [NREM] C4 WH PVP

Are we still recruiting?

Yes I believe we are still recruiting.

Believe it or not, we use pings to signal content found for anyone not currently logged into eve in our corp.

Have you ever dreamed of electric sleepers?

04:00 Eve time is a very odd time to be active…

Eve still dying, we’re still recruiting.

Look! I’ve replied to this post!

Quick, join NREM!

Come to us, join us, become NREM!

Always recruiting all the time!

Looking for new people to fly with!

Free Compressed Capsules for all who apply.

Happy double battleship day!

Good fight with MCAV today.

Still seeking potential recruits.

Join us!

Pew Pew.

Still looking for pilots!

Looking for spies with access to Keepstars.

We siege c1s with caps.