Use a Unique Ship Symbol for the Victorieux Luxury Yacht

Hi, it would be cool if there is a different insignia/symbol for the Victorieux Luxury Yacht. Right now the Yacht uses the generic cruiser symbol which is the pentagon. The Yacht is different from cruisers and it is in its own unique category. Most if not all cruisers serve an offensive or logistics role with bonuses for either, but the Yacht does not. I am not aware of the costs of changing the ship symbol on the part of CCP, but I don’t believe it involves a lot of coding, so it should be a small change. The Yacht deserves its own symbol.

why ? no other ship has their own special symbol !
and a yacht is a cruiser sized hull so it has the cruiser symbol ! doesnt matter if it can shoot or rep you !
mining ships also have the cruiser symbol ( not 100% sure … could be the BC symbole ) ! they have no combat or logistic role !

no, mining ships don’t. play the game and check them out next time you see them

In terms of weight classification, isn’t it a cruiser though?

youre right… looks similar but still different !

and still cant see any reason why a rarely used ship like the yacht need to have their own ship symbole oO

Yes, about the same. But a Venture also has roughly the same weight as other frigates but a different symbol. This symbol applies to all its variants.

Like the Venture, the Yacht is also in a class of its own, and so I argue it should have its own symbol.

Well venture is a mining ship so, all mining ships are slight varient.

And a venture is more used than the yacht.

I think having a rare ship like yacht a unique symbol is a target

from EVEUni
Despite its limited release, the Yacht has found a niche as a low volume, high value nullsec hauler, owing to being the only ship that had the combination of interdiction nullification, covert ops cloak, 8 AU/s warp speed, cruiser-level HP (resistant to smartbomb camps), and sub-2s warp capability.

It might make the most sense to use a hauler icon for it.

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but CCP dont classified it as hauler ! i´m not 100% sure because i didnt look for a source but i think they classified them as “cruiser sized luxury shuttle” as they implemented them years before !

I’m just thinking that, considering what I used this ship for, having a run of the mill icon that doesn’t call any undue attention to it or scream “Hey, I might have high value cargo” is something of a plus more than a minus.

its just my opinion but i would never fly high value stuff in a special ship like a yacht xD they are expensive ( for just being a shuttle ) and if you have a competent gatecamp then your still fugged !
always use intercptors and gatepings on high traffic low sec systems to avoid smartbombs ! in 12 years of playtime ive only once got killed by transporting high value stuff and this was 2 jumps away from jita by not using my instadock xD

Considering the symbols are tied to overview category at present, hard -1 to anything that fucks with that or putting yachts into their own category.

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