New class of ship

I for one would like to see a ship along the lines that would be based on the commerce raider of WW 2.
A ship that could be used for say mining/hulling or out fitted as a fast attack ship.
The ship could be a limited edition class given away by CCP as a prize or found as a drop via blue print.
while doing execrations…
The ships should look like any huller or mining ship now in play…
Perhaps the best way to do so would to add a drone bay to them that would be used for only light to medium drones…

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upon thinking about my post…
instead of drone bays… allowing the huller or mining ship to out fit weapons say no more then 3 of any given type.

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We call these ships - Cruisers.

–Captain Gadget

Edit: After re-reading your post, I think you’re asking for Q-ships.
These were converted transports that were armed and disguised not to be.

They did NOT do raiding. They were an attempt to discourage it.

Cruisers were the go-to commerce (surface) raider and catch-all ship.
A cruiser was s ship-of-the-line that was used to carry the flag to random parts of the world and often had to operate solo for extended periods. They also had to be able to perform any action by itself.

This was the days of sail and then steam. The World Wars saw cruisers hulls used for specialized purposes, but even today modern cruisers are the go-to do everything ship. Even if we have specialized hulls for some of them.

Are you looking for a commerce raider or a disguised defender?

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You can fit mining ship like Procurer with drones, tanking modules, scram and make a trap.


If it is a “Q-ship” you want then you can use any of these ships.
Wreathe, 1 gun hardpoint decent shield tank setup and can be made fast.

Nereus, 1 gun hardpoint, good armor tank for a freighter, and 6 drones in the bay 3 lights in flight, so A lot of firepower for a freighter.

But if you are looking for a privateering ship, just use a good destroyer, like a Algos, Thrasher, Malwar… or really any of them.

The point of a privateering or commerce raiding ship is it is cheap, fast and hits hard. It doesnt have to be a freighter discussed and armed. Those were failures in real life, and they are still failures, and just dont work.

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I would like to see mining / hauling class ships that are hybrids and can be fitted for full and effective combat. Obviously this would need to be done very carefully and incorporate mass trade offs. It’d be freagin great though.

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Sounds more like a Q ship than commerce raider. I think the idea is to have a harmless looking mining ship sitting alone in a belt somewhere and when attacked,boom, turns into a tenacious little cruiser+ defender. It would have to be one of the larger mining vessels, since you would have to have room for both the decoy mining lasers, as well as the offensive weapons. A drone based attack system could mitigate this issue. It should go along the lines of what I call a “Tar Baby” (no racial connotation,please), where both a web and point would be available in the “mining ship” to keep the attacker pinned until one of them is destroyed. The mining ship should have very good resistances, but very little cargo room. An interesting idea and could shake up that part of EVE gameplay.

In many wars Merchantmen have been up gunned into Auxiliary cruisers. Q ships were stop gaps. An auxillary cruiser is a full on warship but often they can be disguised as their original merchant role.

This was a interesting battle where 2 merchant raiders engaged each other.

Oh yeah you can mine in a battle ship or battle cruiser btw. Before CCP made mining ships OP with stupidly large resists & hulls people used battle cruisers & battleships to mine in high sec if they feared being ganked.
The game was dumbed down many years ago making it pointless to mine in anything other than a dedicated mining ship so all you will see mining now is mining ships or on rare day the odd mining capital ship likes of the Veldnaught.

I think one of the problems is the ability to camoflague it’s true nature as a trap is hampered by the need of the high slots to be used to show mining lasers in use. Any ship not using the maximum number of mining lasers would be highly suspect, defeating the Qship’s chances of drawing a pirate in. Perhaps a new module that takes up one slot and “holographically projects” the appearance of a full compliment of mining lasers, but leaves the remaining high slots for weapons. The ship just cannot actually mine if no true mining equipment is installed. I would also add a new module type along the lines of the new DC module and bastion module, where when it is activated, offers the Q ship a short (1-2 minute) bastion followed by a 5 minute cooldown.

Course, the only thing more boring than sitting in a asteroid belt and mining, is sitting in an asteroid belt, pretending to mine (and getting nothing), and hoping someone comes along and wants to gank you. :wink:

The thing is you could mix one or two of them in with the actual mining ships in a mining fleet. Also, make a hybrid so that if you are in a larger mining ship, and get jumped by a ganking fleet, you could take a few of them with you, or maybe even take out enough to just barely survive instead of the current zero risk mechanics.

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special ship hand-holding for the zerglings.

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A big problem would be scanning the ship. It would have to somehow portray false information, not just lack of info.
Not sure that can be done, but who knows. :woman_shrugging:t3:

–Non-IT Gadget

Eve does need more ships and couple more races with new skills to train up, eve came out in 03 its 2018 now and still ding ding 4 races lol

first off thank you for setting me straight.
It would be the defender I was looking for…
When I posted I had been up for far to long (work 3rd shift)
Q ship it was a ship made up to look like a merchant but wasn’t.
I believe having such a ship in eve would help miners and merchants better defend them self’s against
pirates and ganker’s… Any of the mining ship’s or huller’s now in eve could be used as one of the people who answered my post put it …It would shake up the game…
If any one thinks my idea has merit please pass it along
Once again Thanks to all who read and responded to my posting

just as a side note the lets call them Q ships would have to be very limited… other wise that’s all any of the miner’s/hullers would fly lol
As I said in my first posting Have it as a blue print drop in a execrations… both in High and Low Sec.
Once again thanks for reading my post.

It’s an interesting idea, but it wouldn’t really add anything to the meta. Like, let’s look at the “meta” of world war 1 and 2. No ship scanning. Engagement profile is such that the only way to know for sure is to start fighting. Weaponry is still effective regardless of hull its fitted to. Combat takes a pretty long time, relative to Eve. At least for engagements on the scale we’re talking about. Combat damage inflicted is permanent even if the ship itself wins the conflict, requiring a long trip home to be refitted and repaired. Relative vulnerability between ships is similar. That is not to say that a tiny frigate could sink a carrier. But it could absolutely inflict casualties if it had an ambush from a ship it was boarding to take supplies from. Crew membership are vulnerable. Lastly, there is no RR support. The “healer” role doesn’t exist.

Eve meta: Ships can be scanned. Passively if desired. Cloaking allows “perfect” reconnaissance if so desired. Combat damage is recovered in a minute at most, with a station trip. Combat must be won decisively or no damage whatsoever is inflicted. Gankers of the non-suicide nature often have significant RR support. Which suicide gankers ALWAYS ship scan.

In short, it cannot be done effectively without creating a ship so good that it could have lasting and destabilizing effects for the worse on the meta. However, if you’re looking for something along those lines, Orcas can be surprisingly dangerous in combat if fit exclusively for the purpose. Mining Barges can be tanked pretty well, and do okay damage with drones. But Orcas can definitely be a serious threat for a “support” ship.

So the thing that was discussed was a “half and half” ship. Well. It’s called a properly tanked mining barge. But a dedicated ship to engage after baiting? You’re looking for a cloaky t3. While they were nerfed hard, there are functional fittings out there which can more than suffice for the purpose you’re talking about. If you’re looking to deter small scale harassment, a cloaked ship functions BETTER than a hypothetical q-ship, because it can be significantly more effective than a submarine. It can engage much faster, be tanked harder, and bring things like ewar. In fact, several cloaky ewar and scram platforms exist. A single ewar ship and long point ship with a bunch of decently tanked mining barges could lock down a raiding party and engage with flights of drones. In short, 1-2 dedicated ambush ships can perform vastly better than a much larger set of q-ships, at less cost to mining output. For 1v1 ambushes, industrial/barge/command fittings ALREADY EXIST for that purpose.

Every conceivable iteration or purpose of such a ship is already possible, or can be done BETTER with other classes of ships.

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