Use LPs to raise negative standing

Standing could use a better mechanism for bringing it back to a neutral 0.0 with the four empires.

Would suggest that as you grind on level 1 agents, as long as your standing is negative, you can exchange loyalty points from corporations in that faction for standing gain.

Would reduce the annoyance of raising standing up.

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No ! You choices have consequenzes ! If you have negative standing then grind your way back !

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They aren’t choices, they are an arbitrary mechanic for many sources of loss.

you have chosen to kill your standings !


No you have not. You’ve been saddled with arbitrary, broken, and an island of design, system.

Defend your home region, take a standing loss, that is moronic. Sure, take one for killing other faction’s NPCs in their area, when they are the antagonist in another empire doing something that’s an act of war, no standing loss is idiotic. Standing loss for courier missions is idiotic, a lot of the ways standing is lost for non-aggressive and defensive missions is moronic. To balance out that stupidity, a mechanic to get back to neutral is a lot better than the current grind for grind sake idiocy.

i didnt have xD youre the creator of this cry thread :wink:

btw … you did something against a faction and you lose your standing ! that was your choice !

now you want to do with this standing but you cant accept your old choice and you came to this forum, start a new thread, and cry hard in this without any good reason !

Perhaps, but to be fair if, for instance, one country found out you were running lots of defense supply missions for their enemies, they might not think that highly of you.

You have choices: if you don’t want that standing hit, don’t take that mission. Or take the mission, but balance it out by running missions for the other side as well.

As usual with any idea, ask “How would somebody abuse this?”. The first and most obvious way is that gankers and criminals in high sec would just easily gain back their standings with simple high sec missions.

The only way I could see this working would be if it only applied to LP earned in low sec systems from low sec agents. It would have a high LP cost, and it would only apply to your own standings. Not for anything that could be traded.

We all know you’ll get ISD cover, and can salt mine away as you antagonize and report any thread to downvote. So will just leave it at that. Go ahead, go report to your sock puppet there.

Tags and datacentres.

SOE can help fix gallente and minmatar. Unless changed, back in the old days they splashed standing to gallente and minmatar anyway. One of my chars was bad off to both so it took a bit. BUt SOE isn’t such a bad NPC corp to work for for a long while really.

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some already do this…my gankers can get 1.5 sec status back with a slow burn of a single Angel extravaganza mission (lv4)

They are choices. The game tells you explicitly that you lose standing if you shoot something, be it NPCs or players. You decide consciously to attack hostile NPCs.

You don’t lose standings with a courier mission. You lose standings if you work for one empire and gain their favor, ie. higher standings, and lose standings with their enemies. And that is a conscious choice as well because why would you not lose standings with a faction when you support their enemies? It would be idiotic if it was not the case.


Yea sec status. Different than standings

That is even even worse than this. Unless changed to later patching the optimal way to do this is 1 rat per system, on to the next. Repeat, And repeat.

Sec standing was on 10 to 15 minute timer per system that I recall. You only get 1 fix per cycle per system.

You’d find a nice loop of systems and kill say 1 BS rat every system.

If this changed well it be another thing I missed in patch note catch up lol.

Something… okay, anything which fix this standing mess should be immediately implemented!
I could understand, though, if one’s choice will provide a truly SIGNIFICANT advantages, but here we have only one advantage which name is: “YOU WON’T GET HURT”! :))

Imo players should be able to raise standings passively in a similar manner to how skills are trained but you could only do one or the other at a time

dont tell me, tell her, she is the one that brought up gankers and how to grind sec status back, not me.

Its why i quoted her on it.

no … where is the reason to have standings if its raising if youre doing nothing ?

Choosing between raising skill points by doing nothing or raising standings by doing nothing is a natural expansion of the game

What is the downside?

just tell us all whats the improvement ! but you cant because there is no … you only want to be lazy