Use of Evernus - is it considered market bot or not?

I live in a specific zone of EVE, with a slow but stable market flow. So far my business was quite good, didnt made me rich but I managed in rigs and T2 mods which I build myself. However, 2 weeks ago that all changed. I kept noticing that someone was undercutting me with the usual -0.01 ISK after 5-15 minutes on most of all my orders. So I changed my pattern and started to undercut this guy with -xxx.xx ISK and many more variants. To no avail, orders kept being undercut always after small period of time.

So I decided to buy some of the cheaper items from this seller to find out who he is. It wasn’t a suprise when I saw that they we’re from the same seller. Suspecting a botting action behind I tried to bring this into the attention of one of my alliances VIP’s. He contacted the guy, talked to him, found who his main in the alliance is, an active pvper and there is nothing else to be done. I decided to contact this guy to try and reason with him to dial down on his bot action, change orders every 1h at least so other can sell their items as well. He said he was not boting but using some program, Evernus(said so in an e-mail) that isnt considered boting at all. I Tried to look up what this program does but haven’t had the time to invest and check how it works. At any rate, I gave up checking my market items, dont wanna burn out doing this ■■■■ specially now that I noticed that his behaviour became even more agressive, he is now updating his orders every 5 minutes or less after everyones update. Noone can sell anything unless his “bot” char is offline.
So, is the use of this program considered boting? I’ve read some old topics when last year there was a banhammer on a lot of players who used it but most of them we’re lifted afterward.

It’s not a bot.

You don’t have time to take five minutes to go to and check it out, but you do have time to bitch here? Okay.

Scoots is right.


That may be debatable, I cannot say either way as I’ve not used it. It seems like the maintenance stopped mid 2018 or at least that’s when the last update was posted. According to the r/eve it would seem that someone is trying to revive it, given that CCP_Bartender replied to that post I don’t think it actually is in violation of ToS/EULA, so not much you could do about people using it (if they have actually managed to get it to work).

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legit went to the site and in 3 minutes was using the tool outside of eve, it does not automate anything from what i can tell, at least not yet.

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I fixed it for you

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I expected the typical bitch and whine posts. No worries. All I wanted to know if the use of this whatever program is considered market boting or not from the official forums and not reddit or youtube. If not, then I’m gonna see to it to hop on board with it. If others managed to get it to work I will too. And yes, I’ve seen some videos about how to setup this program that we’re 10-20 minutes long, bitching here only costed me like 3 minutes and I managed to satisfy others people need to bitch about others people bitching. Full circle. >:D<

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It does not interact with the eve online client so how can it be considered botting? It just reads your api key like every other eve tool out there, no idea where you’re getting this “botting” thing from…

There was a question in my original post, you know? Prolly you missed it. :slight_smile:

The only question I see is “is it considered botting?” which is what I was replying to…

Something that I didn’t know before. Hence the question and that’s why we have the forums. And the “boting” part comes from the experience I saw on this guy. Updating every 5 minutes(now) all his orders. What if he found a way to do it with some sort of automation. You are either a robot to keep this up for hours on on a daily basis for weeks or have a bot do it for you.

Either way it’s got nothing to do with Evernus :stuck_out_tongue:

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Evernus is just fancy excel. This guy still has to be online and changing his orders by hand.

Since it looks like he is not producing the stuff he is selling, you only hurt yourself by making bigger price adjustments. Because he probably got it as loot for free or from a extreme cheap buyorder someone was too dumb to acknoledge before clicking sell. So you will not hurt him with that stuff.

He is doing that while not actively pvping. Its his part time job if he has nothing better to do. I do it the same way. And my pvp changed from outer station into the station. And with your post here, he just got another kill mail. Plus hatemail and salt. Win/Win/Win/Win for him. So… its still Eve, harden the F up or die quietly and give me your stuff.

I´m in a good mood today. Here are stuff that might work.
-Stop selling the stuff he is selling. T2… yeah thats loot from pvp most probably. So he gets it for free. No contest for you there.
-Battle his orders if you wont read and listen. Create multiple orders instead of one to sell your stuff. Only a couple items at first. Refresh that items every couple seconds. He underbeats your order. Underbeat him seconds later. Do that. Again, again, again. At some point one of you will end as market killmail. Its up to you again.
-Since he is not producing, he can undercut you badly. Your choice.
-Post orders when he is offline.
-Buy your stuff from him for 30% discount. He has less stress and you might get 10% margin when you put it into market again.

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Thanks for your input.
In my starting post I was wrong stating he uses Evernuss. He recommanded me to use Evernuss to be more efficient so I dont know that if he uses it or not.
Since my initial post I observed this guy. He never goes offline unless DT and only stops updating his prices for a brief period time in the morning-noon EU TZ. After DT is back and continues to update his prices till very late time in EUTZ. It doesnt matter how often or rare I update my prices, every 5 mins or sometimes I leave him 5-6 hours, whenever I’m back I loose the edge always in the span of 5-15 minutes, always. By now I’m sure you uses some fancy market bot, maybe one he wrote?!
You said he is doing this while not actively pvping, this toon is actually his market toon and has a diff one for pvp(told by a VIP in the alliance) and I dont think that he sells pvp loot cause he constantly refreshes doctrine mods and rigs. Once I bought some ammos for a ship and noticed they were from the market toon so looks like he has a very wide spread that he keeps updating very very often.
But all is not lost, eventually, I can send my stuff to Jita where in given time, everything sells(sooner or later :smiley: ).
Only my local market will suffer when other people will notice they just can’t sell their stuff. I used to sell 750-1bil a day, now I barely sell 250 mil. Surely, in time, other people will wake up too.

Why do you think he is botting?

Think about it. If you were able to stay online and monitor him 23.5/7 and were able to follow his market orders. Then why can’t you just do the same?

It just means you got beat. Either get better (you’ve already shown that you can stay up all 24 hours like he does), or go do something else.

At the end of the day, if you think he’s botting, report him and let CCP handle it. No one on the forum is going to be able to magically get rid of this guy just so you can make some isk.

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