Using a T3D for mission invasion

I’m a noob that has been playing this game on and off for a couple of years now and still knows very little about PVP (pretty much an F1 monkey).

I remember reading a guide about using two ships (an exploration frig and an AF) to find and kill mission runners and I’d like to know if a T3D can be used instead.

While looking at zkillboard I found some highsec BC/BS solo kills made by a Hecate, so it should be possible.

Some questions:

  • How hard would it be to get a mission runner to fire at my T3D?

  • Do I need l33t skillz to be able to kill a mission running BC or BS with a T3D?

  • Would it require a complete high-grade Halo set?

  • Would the rats switch targets to me when I enter the pocket?

I know the first two questions are too broad, but I’d like a general idea of what I’m getting into.

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T3D’s are bonus for combat probe scanners. They are small enough and fast enough to get under the battleship guns where they are effectively immune from damage and can peck away until the big ship dies. It’s been done with frigates that are far less capable.

Steal the mission objective - that will give you a suspect flag. Some mission runners will take a shot at you but anyone who’s been playing a while will know they are being baited.

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More often than not you’ll end up in the mission as the guy is still actively doing it and hasn’t finished some mission objective loot now spawns in the cargo of the guy doing the kill for example the damsel in distress now is in your cargo upon structure destruction same for mission like stop the thief.Most mission runners will just ignore you or leave the mission wasting your time.

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What? That’s horrible!

Yea it’s great thank CCP

What I do is, I scan for MTUs in highsec and shoot them/loot them, and hope for the mission running BS to engage me.
Rats may target you ofc but will target the enemy BS as well which will come to your aid obviosly.

I do this in an assault frig, and use a Mobile Depot to refit for combat scanner (if Im to greedy to run and pay for a second account/dual box), also in highsec, sounds ridicolous, but you may just leave a T1 combat probe scanning ship right in space and reship in space in a pod between your two ships if you want to avoid dual boxing. I mean, who will scan down your T1 scanning ship in highsec space to steal it really?


How long did it take to chew that rattle to death? :smiley:

about 15 minutes.
I couldnt break his shields tho, lucky to me he was slowboating towards idling rats within the site, so I was able to lock those up at some point, pull them and to my luck they were engaging the RS, their additional DPS put an end to all. otherwise I would have run out of ammo :smiley:

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Nice kill. Looks like you got the pod too. =D

I found a guide from 2014 on this topic and it also suggests hot swapping ships. I might try it just for the lulz.

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