Using facial augmentations

I must be really dumb. How do you use facial augmentations?


Squint really hard.

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I have a facial augmentation for you.

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It’s the same way that you use the Apparel items, the items must be in the hangar of the station that you’re docked in, then select Character Customization (the T-shirt icon in Station Services), after you’ve entered the dressing room, :wink: there will be a grey bar tab on the right side of the screen labeled ‘Body Modifications’, select that and then select the black tab ‘Augmentations’, in the drop down menu there should be at least one tab for ‘Face’ and if you’ve already collected the ‘Body’ Augmentation gift, there will be a tab for that as well.


Don’t do it!
Your character with facial augmentations would scare away all the new players!


Thanks, I have not used the character customization feature before.

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The user interface is the same as Character Creation, after you customize your character, you’ll have to do another portrait to save the changes.

Good luck and have fun.

Can confirm. I used to be a pretty girl, now I’m hideous.


Hot goth chick. :smiley:

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