Using Radar ECM Jammer?

How do you use an ECM Radar jammer?

Do you just turn it on and all ships in the area are effected?

Or do you have to lock onto a specific ship and turn it on?

You lock a ship and turn it on. The target will still be able to lock you, even while they are jammed.

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But it will break active lock. Forcing him to re-lock you

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Is there any kind of targeting jammer that sends out a general 360 signal instead of needing to lock onto a specific target?

ECM Burst Jammers - These are short-range high-strength area of effect jammers that work similarly to Smartbombs. On activation, they will attempt to jam all ships in range. However, they will only break all the existing target locks of affected ships, and will not block their ability to lock or re-lock new targets. Burst modules consume a high amount of capacitor and are generally only used on Battleships. Remember that ECM burst jammers will also jam your friends and will get you CONCORD’d if used in high security space, and thus cannot be activated in hisec if your Safety is not set to Red.


Do be aware that burst jammers will likely get you concorded.

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