Using the Tactical Overlay for Something New

Lots of people use the Tactical Overlay for well…tactical overlay stuff. But what if it could also be used to locate cloaked ships and holes in the fields of system wide cyno jammers and sov nodes?

How it would work is that a ship, such as the Stratios or other ship with exploration bonuses would fly around areas of the system where holes in the cyno jammers or sov node fields have been reported to a sov owners citadel or other facility. Using the Tactical Overlay the Capsuleer would fly to the designated hole in the field and begin sweeping the area. Once the hole or holes has been found the ship would have too deploy small beacons that would plug the hole in the field until the cyno jammer’s technical issue could be found. The technical issue would last between ten minutes to an hour before being found. During the time of the technical issue the hole in the field would allow one Strategic Cruiser to bring in a few ships using its Covert Cyno Field Generator.

For Sov Nodes the system would be similar except that when a hole in the node field has been discovered, the hole would reduce the time that an enemy would have to use the Entosis Link to capture the node by an additional 5%. Once the location in the system has been determined, once again a message and book mark would appear in a designated station, the Capsuleer would have to warp to the area and by using the Tactical Overlay find the hole in the field. Once found the Capsuleer would drop a beacon thus repairing the node’s field.

In both cases the beacon deployed by the Capsuleer could be destroyed to revert the field to its former state of holiness. Each beacon would last 30 minutes before self destructing.

Holes in cyno jammer would render it useless.

And ability to find cloaked ships should not be implemented before perfect intel tool that is local is changed to not provide intel as well.

all anti-cloaking related ideas need to be in the cloaking mega thread you are not some special snowflake with such an amazing idea that the rules don’t apply to you.

as for using it to light covert cynos you do understand cyno jammers of any type in no way have any interaction with them right? Jammers only prevent normal cynos

The holes in the cyno jammer field is a new type of game play to make sov life more interesting than the normal gate camps or roams. Maintaining the system wide cyno jammer due too all of the influxes present, wormholes and soon to be Triglavian invaders would surely put a strain on the field due to the fields of the wormhole.

Finding cloaked ships with the Tactical Overlay would also be another emergent type of game play.

If you have a problem with the post then complain to a Mod, otherwise my bucket is both full and empty for you.

  1. I don’t think emergent game play means what you think it means…

  2. I don’t care if you do think it is emergent it belongs in the cloaking mega thread

  3. how exactly does adding extra steps to lighting a covert cyno show that the system is under added strain

  4. are you aware of the edit button

  5. u* less than a weak and baited into a Drson thread

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