Using torpedos to kill battleships

What ships specialise in torpedos? I heard that destroyers and frigates carrying torpedos can kill battleships. can anyone please explain how? please? Thanks.

Stealth bomber and obviously the bigger ships.

That said, even a destoyer, flown with a proper fit and by a proper pilot can kill a battleship if that battleship is either not fit properly or flown by incompetent pilot (or both).

As to why certain ships can kill others:

  • Specific fits (how is each of the ships fitted)
  • Specific pilot (what knowledge of the game mechanics do each pilot have and more importantly, how do they use this knowledge)
  • Situation (What are the circumstances on the battlefield)
  • And in the end, a tiny bit of luck comes into play

Submarine using torpedos to kill battleships.

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Torpedos are battleship and stealth bomber weapons. You generally wouldn’t use them to kill battleships. I mean they are effective against battleships but there are drawbacks.

Torpedos are more often used against capitals and structures. Though I’m sure someone will be along shortly to point out some exceptions.

so what are the minimum requirements to mount torpedos on ships? does it count as a projectile turret? or does not count as a hard point like a smart bomb?

in WW2?

Torpedoes are part of the missile skill tree - basically the short range, high damage battleship weapon. Ships bonused for torpedoes include all stealth bombers (T2 frigates), Caldari battleships (except Rokh) and the Minmatar Typhoon (including Fleet issue). Pirate battleships Barghest and Rattlesnake. The special edition Praxis also has a damage bonus and is very inexpensive right now because CCP gave one to all subscribed accounts in a recent promotion.

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Right click - show info

It will give answer to all questions

Skills: check in game, not too hard to find out what is needed for anything as it is clearly listed.

As it is a missille: why would it be classed as a projectile turret?

It will take up a highslot + 1 launcher hardpoint

P.s. did you do any of the tutorials as quite a lot of this is explained in them

Well, as always you need more damage than the opponent can bear. Torpedoes are high damage, but they still can’t alpha (=destroy in one shot) a BS. It’s just another kind of missile, slow, much damage, but also a huge radius, so they’re better for big, slow targets, for torpedoes hardly hit small fast targets. More:

Bombers can launch torpedos, but you need a bunch of bombers to successfully attack a perpared BS, and still a lot of skill (not only Skillpoints) to kill an unprepared BS. The more you are, the better the chances.

Actual Damage = Potential Raw Damage * Precision relative to intended target

Generally speaking, Torpedos are incredulously imprecise against BSes (esp those using afterburners), and as such your actual damage will be considerably smaller than your potential raw damage. You would need a heavily precision-bonused ship (hull and/or mods and/or rigs) and/or webs and/or paints in order to achieve max or near-max damage against a BS. It suffices to say that even if you managed to get good damage against BSes, you would not be able to get good damage against anything smaller/faster, and this makes them impractical for use in battle unless you are specifically looking to bash only BSes and larger/slower ships (capitals, freighters, Orcas, etc). On that note: Using Rage torpedos would generally make a bad situation worse in regards to BSes since they are considerably less precise than T1/Faction missiles; as a result, using Rage torpedoes against BSes would generally inflict less damage than even regular T1 (ie. non-faction) torpedoes unless the enemy is heavily webbed and/or painted; it goes to show you the significance of precision mechanics.

Now, I want to emphasize the word “generally” because it really depends on the extent of your precision bonuses, whether or not you/your fleet is using webs/paints, whether or not the BS is using an AB at full speed is is slower than that, if their sig is shrunk or speed boosted via command burst, etc. It is also possible that the high raw damage of torpedoes may end up dealing respectable damage even if your precision is considerably less than 100%. Still, it is, situationally-speaking, almost always better to use a different kind of missile system against BSes (which would in turn be better against all other subcapitals). It suffices to say a different missile system (such as RHMLs) can end up dealing comparable damage after factoring in precision mechanics but without consuming so much PG/CPU or requiring many slots dedicated toward precision in order to achieve the same level of damage against BSes.

Take a look at:

Do some damage modeling in pyfa on your fits to see how they will fare against actual ship profiles (signature radii and speeds) to see if, for example, torpedoes will outperform RHMLs (don’t be surprised if RHMLs almost always win in solo situations against subcapitals).

Ok I understand thanks

beware, your answers start to look like my answers to Eruch’s questions… remember, you told me to not be upset and answer his basic questions with patience… :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Good point - noted :slight_smile:

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you forgot dreads that can fit rapid torpedo launchers and are bonused for it in Siege mode.

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