Best torpedos for Stealth Bombers? (Hound)

In general, which torpedos do you find best for PVP? Or does it entirely depend on what your fighting against? Im still learning a lot about ammo and types to use, any pointers appreciated.

For bombers there’s always one damage type that’s better, due to the hull bonuses. For the hound it’s Explosive (Nova)

Aside from that, what you choose depends very much on what you are facing. However in general torp Bombers are most useful as pure DPS dealers on large targets, so T2 Rage is going to be the best choice 99% of the time. If you can’t use T2, use a faction variant.

Torps don’t do well against smaller targets, so fighting things like frigates or fast cruisers in a bomber tends to not end well. Torp bombers are very much a specialized class of ship: a glass cannon built to smash big things.

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Always carry some faction torps in case you need to shoot at a smaller target. If you also want to fit a bomb launcher you may have fitting issues with T2 torp launchers anyways.

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