[USTZ][ALPHA/NPF][LGBT+] Lion's Guard is recruiting!

Hello everyone!

We are Lion’s Guard, a community looking to grow and expand into EvE. The community started in WoW and has ventured into other MMOs like Archeage, ESO and most recently FF14.

We are looking to build a warm place in the cold dark of New Eden. Any and all are welcome to join in our adventures in space and help us build a community focused on fun and friendship. We know EvE is a rough place but we believe that just means it’s more important to find or make a home in game.

Most of us are new, fresh out the clone vats but we do have a few community members who have spent some time in the cluster and are willing to lend a guiding hand.

So come one, come all! Vets, new pilots, ALPHA or OMEGA accounts all are invited.

Outside of a chill, welcoming community we provide a disord, community events and giveaways. We play not only MMOs but an assortment of PC titles with survival games being a favorite and a few community servers.

Join and help the guard create something in New Eden!

Message me here with questions or reach out to Daesen Vul’tyr or Iya Soul in game. Applications are open!

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