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Hello future friends Co-Pilots!

Kurupt. is looking for USTZ MEN who enjoy partaking in spaceship explosions. We are somewhat nomadic since content is known to move from region to region, so we operate in multiple locations around low sec and null sec. However, recently we have found ourselves enjoying the region of Placid as conflict continues to heat up. We prefer taking the hard fight, even if its an uphill battle and the outcome is stacked against us.

If you’ve made it this far, come check us out.

Discord Link: Kurupt.

Killboard Link: Kurupt. | Corporation | zKillboard

What We’re Looking For:

  • Content Creators
  • Good Attitude and PVP Focused
  • Self Sufficient making Isk.
  • Must be able to fly our doctrines
  • MUST have a Useful Alts. Hics, Cynos, JFs, Dreads, Fax, Carrier, etc.
  • Active at least 3+ times a week during prime time (0000-0500)

Recruitment is still open. Come check us out!

We are still looking for new pilots to join our ranks. come check us out!

Looking for a new home? Look no further!

Still looking for new pilots. come swing by our discord server for more info

Interested? join our public discord and say hi!

We are still looking for applications. Come join the fun!

Still looking for pilots interested in playing small scale tactics. Come check us out!

Still looking for new members. Come check us out!

recruitment is still open. looking to add a few more pilots to our roster. come by and drop a line

Recruitment is still open!

We are still actively recruiting! Come check us out today!

Recruitment is still open! Come check us out!

Recruitment is still open. Stop by for an interview today!

We are still actively recruiting. Stop by our recruiting office today!

We are still recruiting!

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