Here have a low effort “not” recruitment video

Fun is our objective, not too serious, be dumb just be smart dumb.

Strong core group of players, looking to add to our fleet size. Most of us have played together since 2014 and have followed each other in the game from large null blocs and have either FC’d or been in leadership so we’re are a pretty close nit group. We founded this to play the game the way we want to play it and you’re welcome to come find out more about us.

Working closely with our friends our focus is dropping Caps & Black Ops on unsuspecting victims.

Our KB regularly pushes over 50B+ in targets killed a month.

While this is our main focus we also partake in lower skill level roams for our new guys and alliance level fleets as well.

Blops and cap fleets on a fairly regular basis.
Large warfare and alliance fleets with our homies. (Free Range Chikuns)
Most of the time ships are handed out, or SRP’d.
Roams in lowsec on almost a daily basis.
Big experience pool to learn off of and fly with.

Chill leadership, make mistakes, jack up the killboard, we don’t really care as long as you undock.

Newbro friendly but know we are not going to hold your hand.
Be self relient, we have sov null and other isk making space to rat or indy in but we wont make your krabbing a priority.

Join our discord hang around, react to some ■■■■, dont be shy.

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join us!

This is a fun corp with a great attitude. I’d recommend checking us out on discord if you would like to know more. :+1:

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USTZ master race

Great time with the corp and alliance taking advantage of the NS blackout!

Hey guys, we’re growing everyday in content and membership, get on the party bus.

you guys do null sec? if so i’ve got an alliance that would love to add you as part of the corp, it’s a small alliance, not a big alliance and we’re pretty skilled, got lots of vets, former NC. pilots and we’re a close group
I’d like you to consider it :slight_smile:
Pm on my discord for more info Jeevz#0335