[USTZ/Late EU] Wormhole PVP & Nanogang, Turbocrabs Anonymous [C4-3/5]

Are you a nullbro in a huge corp where nobody knows who you are and you don’t know who anybody is? Are you sick of making pennies in null sites and staying docked for a single neut in local? What if I told you you could be that neut in local talking a lot of ■■■■ instead?

A little about us.

Here at Turbocrabs Anonymous we (leadership) work for you (membership) rather than the other way around. We’re a small corp with, as of the time of this post, 16 people in it so you can really make your presence felt.

Our recruitment process.

  • Voice interview. (just making sure you’re not weird)
  • ESI check. (I mean come on)
  • 1 Month trial period.
  • Member Vote.

About the 1 month trial period
During this time there’s nothing special going on, you’re just in corp doing your own thing. You’ll probably barely notice the difference between being a recruit and a member. However at the end of the month every current member will get an anonymous yes/no vote on your trial, a single no vote will mean your rejection and while this may sound super harsh please keep in mind that we’ve never rejected anyone but people that were AFK, but this is my guarantee to you that we dont have ‘that guy’ in this corp, because everyone no-voted his ass out.

What we do

  • Small gang PVP in our statics (C3 / C5)
  • Regular filament roams
  • Ragerolling our C3 static for crabbers
  • We take the bait (unless its a blob waiting lmao) (also I know this is a cliché but let me be okay)
  • The occasional structure bash to make our ex-nullbois feel more at home
  • Loot from ganks goes to the scout, as it should.
  • Super chilled out atmosphere with a personal guarantee of 0 cringe in comms.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for anyone from a 5m SP newbro interested in wormholes and pvp to your 130m nullsec veteran tired of bashing structures.
We have no hard and fast requirements but here’s a list of things the ideal canidate would have
Keep in mind this is purely a list of nice to haves:

  • 20m+ SP
  • Previous experience in a wormhole corp
  • 3 Accounts for Main/Dictor/Scanner
  • Ability to multibox dps or logi in fleet
  • A can-do attitude when it comes to engaging stuff that looks rather tough, thinking of solutions instead of problems.
  • Ability to fly Nighthawks and Damnations

Nobody is going to have everything on the list and I’m sure some of you reading this have none of the things we listed, thats perfectly okay its just my christmas wishlist of a perfect recruit. If you think my list is dumb and stupid and you want to prove how wrong I am: Come find me over at https://discord.gg/83BkRTZgFC or Brink#5439 on discord. I hope to see you there!

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