[USTZ][LS][PvP] RELLIK - Recruiting New PvP Pilots


My name is Famine Aligher’ri and I’m a 15-year veteran of the game. I recently started a new PvP corp in Black Rise and looking for new blood to join the ranks. My background over the course of my career since 2004 has primarily been within piracy – one of the last old salty pirates from a since long forgotten generation of original gangsters.

My resume includes flying with some of the games most infamous PvP and pirate outfits such as being apart of the first pirate alliances – The Pirate Syndicate (TPS) and known pirate alliances such as The Forsaken Empire and Force of Evil. I have also flown with corporations such as D.e.V.i.a.n.c.E, BURN EDEN, Biomass Cartel, Heretic Army, 2 Girls - 1 Corp, Wraithguard, and Aggressive Asset Relocation (AAR).

RELLIK is looking for both new and experienced PvP pilots to fly in Black Rise (low-security space). If you are particularly a new pilot, we are looking for you. Join me and I will personally help share my wealth of knowledge with you. Learn to PvP in a very fun and active region that is both challenging and rewarding for all levels of experience.

Check out our recruitment video - The Return of Piracy

Check out me killing Fed Comets & Daredevils in Herons and Probes - ECM Piracy


  • US based players are particularly welcomed
  • English speaking is a must
  • Voice communications is also a must
  • Mature, cool-headed, and respectful to all

Benefits of joining:

  • PvP Training & Experience
  • Loot Sharing / ISK Assistance
  • Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
  • Someone To Fly With
  • Ship Hauling Services (for low-security pilots)
  • Sister Industrial Corp (Tech II Ship Building, Invention, Research)
  • Home System Right Outside of Jita
  • Lots of Targets (very few blues)
  • NULL-sec Access

In closing, come join me and building a new corporation. Let’s have some fun and grow together regardless if you just started the game today or if you have been around a few years. There is plenty of content where the corp resides and I would love to have more eager and loyal pilots to join me in PvP / Piracy fun!

Contact me in-game at: Famine Aligher’ri for more information.

Still looking for fun casual and active people!

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