R E L L I K - Bringing Back Low Sec Piracy!

R E L L I K is a new outfit that is trying to bring back the old ways of piracy in low-sec space. We are based in the US timezone and primarily looking for US based pilots to fly in frigate-to-cruiser class ships for the act of being an outlaw of the empire.

Our New Recruitment Video


  • Able to fly frigate to cruiser class hulls decent
  • Able to become an outlaw (-10 security status)
  • Be a US based pilot that speaks English
  • Have a mic and can always be on comms during ops

What We Offer

  • We offer pirate expertise as our leader has been in piracy since 2004
  • We offer small intense small gang PvP content
  • We offer a Share of the loot and ransom
  • We offer a unique gameplay experience that most do not offer
  • We offer a group of casual and mature pilots who are just like you

Why You Should Join

Join if you want to try something new. Join if you want to actually try and resurrect a dying trade such as piracy. Join if you like small-gang PvP skirmishes. Join if you want to hang out with honest bitter vets. Join if you want to just have fun and not get so caught up in the BS alliance politics.

Find us in our in-game channel at, “RELLIK”



Looking for US pilots! Join me, it will be fun!

Having fun by myself every night bois! Join me, let’s fly together. Help me kill more of these carebears like I did last night in the Stabber!


We also encourage RP for those interested in piracy. It’s not required, but we do like to tell a story of our adventures, especially being we are one of the few pirate corps still honoring the old ways of ransoming.

Below is a ransom attempt and the media created to help tell our story to the RP community. Unfortunately, this pilot did not want to pay the ransom. So we had to put her down.



Hey if you guys want some serious content, I got a special offer for you And your pilots. Mail me in game.


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