Feeling cute



do crabs think fish are birds?

Bwak Bwak

join us!

This is a fun corp with a great attitude. I’d recommend checking us out on discord if you would like to know more. :+1:

Pew pew

USTZ master race

Great time with the corp and alliance taking advantage of the NS blackout!

Hey guys, we’re growing everyday in content and membership, get on the party bus.

you guys do null sec? if so i’ve got an alliance that would love to add you as part of the corp, it’s a small alliance, not a big alliance and we’re pretty skilled, got lots of vets, former NC. pilots and we’re a close group
I’d like you to consider it :slight_smile:
Pm on my discord for more info Jeevz#0335

Fleet up yo!

Sorry bud we already committed to another alliance

Great corp! Please feel free to join our discord! We usually have someone waiting to reply right away!

Join up guys.

Awesome group. check us out!

We are always actively recruiting. Join our discord for more information! Recruitment is USTZ and will always reply during that TZ asap.