USURPER Alliance Recruiting PVP/Indy pilots EU/USTZ


(Sonny WOLFE) #21

Still have corps recruiting new players/miners/industrialists and pvpers. Explorers always welcome.
Come join the laid back atmosphere. Returning Bitter Vets you should definitely chat with us!

Wormhole life is great and just might be your thing, Join us and find out!

USURP Pub is the chat channel


(Sonny WOLFE) #22

Wormhole life. Have you considered it, or looking for a laid back wormhole alliance?

You can’t go wrong chatting with us! Hardcore PVP, miners, industrialists, explorers, new or returning players, bitter vets. We are a good mix of it all, having fun!

USURP Pub is the chat channel you want to join!

(Sonny WOLFE) #23

Recruiting is still open for individual pilots, or small corps willing to merge into one of our existing corps.

(Sonny WOLFE) #24

Tired of the blue donut of null? Bored to death, tired of moving? Want something different? PVP, PVE, exploration, solo and small gang we do it

USURP Pub is the chat to join and say hi!

(Sonny WOLFE) #25

Hi, so we have a couple of interested pilots we’re chatting with. We’re only looking to add 10-12, so jump in our pub chat and say hi while recruitment is still open. Can’t hurt to chat a bit if you’re looking for something different in EVE.

(Sonny WOLFE) #26

bumping to say we’re still recruiting. Don’t miss your chance to have fun in a laid back atmosphere.
Join the chat and say hi!

(Sonny WOLFE) #27

Check out the new website in the original post if you haven’t. New PVP videos coming soon!

Still looking for individual pilots, pvp, exploration, industry.

Come say hi!

(Sonny WOLFE) #28

So we have had a few new pilots join up! What are you waiting for, can’t hurt to chat in our public channel and see if we could be a good group for you.

(Sonny WOLFE) #29

Bumping! Come check us out, several new members and recruitment is still open.

(Sonny WOLFE) #30

Happy Thanksgiving to all US pilots!

Still looking for:

9 PVP pilots
3-4 Indy (T2 would be great)
6-10 miners

Check in our pub chat and say hi!

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(Sonny WOLFE) #32

come have fun in w-space! PVP, miners, T2 & T3 indy pilots all welcome.

(Sonny WOLFE) #33

Null is boring, come check us out! Wormholes are fun! Join our public chat and say hi!