Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

It’s well known that chocolate is a natural anti-depressant. I view my chocolate consumption as nothing more than a (very) preventative measure


Ms Ember, Ms Kim was doing so…well, for her. Then you come into that contest thread with logic and definitions. I mean, you keep this up and you’re going to make her say things about race and culture, again. You’ll be absolutely forcing her hand.

Cuz that’s how it works?


I know, I’m such a terrible person for trying to make her adhere to some form of consistent logic.


You are taking it backwards, Ms. Ambrye.
Ember is quite known for her trolling and lack of logical reasoning. I think there was even somewhere a whole thread dedicated to her lack of proper conversational qualities.

It would be nice if the day will come where I will be able to talk with this creature using only logic and facts, but considering her behavior currently, we are way far from it.


I was not trolling up your contest thread. In fact, I even praised your skills as an artist and tried to get you a free capital! You threatened you’d muck up the threads of the ‘two troll’, whom you’ve now identified as Miz and Ember. Yet so far, you’re mucking up Aldrith’s thread and mine. With all due respect, Diana, I expect you to keep to your word as an honorable officer should. Please confine your posting to their threads.


Well, I guess I’m beginning to understand why you like me so much.


Stop picking at my words, it’s disgusting… even to such degree that Lasa agreed with you.

Basically, because I didn’t say I will post only in their threads. I can answer to whomever I want and where I want - that’s the definition of the media for civilized discourse even if it is poisoned by people lacking our merits.

But besides that horrific violation of logic you have displayed, I have to notice another one, but rather small mistake: while Ember is indeed an infamous person, I was referring to Priano. And I am not sure that such sort of pressure would have any effect on Ember: I don’t remember her even trying to create something or post anything constructive, all I see from that person is half-witted remarks in different topics, mostly missing said topic. It is just a background noise. On the other hand, the other two often dare to speak in public. The tribal one is just a toxic nuisance. The other one… well, it is more complicated. It started with her going batcensored on the offer to join CMC several years ago, but despite her lashes with a bucket of… you know what of, I won and her alliance has joined our coalition. Soon after she left though to make her own alliance… you know, with logo and bootlickers.

I have ‘pressed’ her for some time for her crimes, again some time ago, but soon I got tired of it - as it seemed that person was simply lacking something to understand what she has done, so I left her alone and was replying at her only if she dared to open her mouth against me or the State.

But after all this time she was just going and going at it like a broken record. A bit ago she started to troll me even with some long-forgotten kill report, that she failed to understand. I think even you fell for her crap back then and attacked me about this nonsence as well, no? Was it you?

Anyway, I simply grew tired of her constant hostility and unability for civilized behavior, and instead of defending myself against some sort of random nonsence coming from her side and waiting when she will dare to speak about me again, I will simply start attacking her first whenever I will see that fit. That’s all the meaning I had, nothing close to confining my replies to certain topics.

And why I said that? Well, list last IGS pages and take, for example, 5 topic started by Priano, and 5 topics started by me. Compare, when I jump on Priano because of her topic. And when Priano was jumping on me because of my topic.

See the tendency?

Well, I am going to change it and give Priano the fight.

Hey, I’ve left you alone after the whole propaganda debacle. I ask you do the same to me and show some restraint. Happy holidays!


Request denied.

Ms Kim, perhaps. Maybe I do have it backwards. I do think that the weight of evidence does support the Caldari cause to reclaim their territories and it’s mainly Federation obstinance that the war continues. But I do understand that emotional appeals are usually more effective than dry facts. It’s just that I wonder if calling art that clearly represents the facts in an unbiased manner, yet can still have an emotional appeal, be properly called propaganda. Asking for propaganda could signal to some contestants that it’s okay to stretch, bend, and even break the truth. This would be a disservice to the Caldari cause. So Ms Ember’s posts have some validity whether or not she’s correct about what’s happening in the contest.

My apologies if I’m just being naive.


Well, it’s certainly the impression you gave. I apologize for believing in you.

You didn’t specify. And here you are calling Ember a troll. Terribly sloppy of you. I thought the Caldari were known for their precision.

You mean the kill report where State sentry guns destroyed you for a criminal act while you gunned down allies for the crime of saying mean words? Is that the killmail you mean? Wasn’t there an artistic interpretation of that kill report somewhere?

I see topics by you created that seem intended specifically to insult and anger people. Which seems a bit crass, and beneath the dignity of a Caldari officer. Now, maybe that wasn’t your intention. But your contest thread does specifically encourage people to insult the Federation, while it could instead simply encourage them to give credit to the State. And your thread about solving the Matari/Amarr conflict by having the Minmatar people adopt slavery… the very idea of it is deeply insulting. It’s not just an insult to me, or to Miz, but it’s also a slight against people like Deitra, whom you keep insisting you aren’t meaning to insult.

Really, Diana, you should consider not responding to Makoto… at all. If you feel she’s thowing empty charges at you, lies and slander… ignore her. After all, no-one can impugn your honor but you—if you give their words no weight, then they mean nothing. By reacting, by allowing them to provoke you, you show that they have the power to force you to respond.

By doing that, you demonstrate defensive behavior. It conveys an impression that you believe their words to have some merit. If you didn’t believe that, you wouldn’t need to respond. You could simply laugh off their insults, and demonstrate how little regard you have for their opinion.

Think of it like your shields. If an attack is meaningless—for example, a single Hammerhead II attempting to damage a Scorpion Navy Issue—you can ignore it completely. It’s nothing. It’s not worth the time it would take to notice it. The attack you react to is the one you think might breach your shields, if left unstopped.

That’s how practical, efficient individuals—like the Caldari—prioritize things. Imagine how little you could get done if you had to stop what you were doing to address each and every individual drone that shoots at you. Likewise, stopping to respond to each and every dig would be ridiculous. You’d spend all your time doing that, and not doing more important things. So you react to the provocation you think is important, the attacks you think might do actual harm.

So every time you react to something they say that you think insults you… you demonstrate that you fear that attack. That your resistance to that type of attack is weak. You give them power. You show them which attacks you can’t ignore—and so, where to keep attacking you.

Consider the first three things I said in this reply. Did they annoy you? Did they prick at you, and make you want to angrily decry them? If you do that, then that tells me I’ve scored a hit, and that you’ll respond to similar statements in the future. If I make them more pointed, you’ll respond with more anger, and make yourself look like a fool in the process. People will think you’re over-reacting. They’ll think you’ve gone little nutty.

So don’t. The more you respond to them, the more you give them what they want. Try denying them their fun, for a change.


If my posts had no validity they would not strike such a nerve.

Actually all I’ve ever wanted is for Diana to treat people with the respect she demands for herself. To approach situations logically and embrace truthful interaction with others. If she follows what you say she’ll be much closer to giving me what I want.


My point is, Ms Ember, is simply that your points are correct. It doesn’t matter if you struck a nerve or not. My goal here is to get Ms Kim to agree on reasonable positions, and I’ve seen her do it, as I know that direct confrontation doesn’t work with her. Just let me know if I’m betraying any confidence you may have had in me.


Good luck from those of us who have tried and found ourselves beating our heads against a bulkhead.


I have to try, right?

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You really don’t. Learning from history is important.


I’ve learned from history that some people won’t learn from history; you’ve got to let go even more thoroughly, and besides Kim herself, let even the screeching of new pilots impaling themselves on Kim’s ego become like the calming sound of waves breaking on the shore.



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The sounds of waves breaking on a shore is unsettling and strange.


Everything about Fat Asteroinds[1] is unsettling and strange! THERE’S NO BULKHEADS. THE ONLY THING KEEPING THE AIR IN IS THAT IT’S SO FAT, THE AIR IS TRYING TO CRUSH YOU!!!

  1. You know, planets.