Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

I mean… they’re both circular? Apart from that they look nothing alike.

I actually never implied anything else. I agree that the Lancers and the Seekers are based on Sleeper technology.

It isn’t normal. It’s unique to those systems.

What an immensely fallacious pile of crap.

I wasn’t talking about the Drifters.

Shame they never got a response then isn’t it. Oh wait, they did. They got shot at.

The “same materials” are Sleeper databanks. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that the Drifters somehow produced these themselves rather than stealing them from the Sleepers.

Different propulsion systems, different build materials, different energy use, Drifters have two layers of shielding, Sleepers have none, totally different aesthetic design, no apparent cooperation between them apart from inside the Drifter controlled wormholes, I could go on.

Simply, until I see some proof that these aren’t separate groups, I’m not going to believe they are the same.


Right. It’s unique to 100% of their military installations that we’ve seen. Go to a civilian colony, how many boarding pods for armored assault do you see? But armored assault boarding pods are perfectly normal things, they’re just perfectly normal things that don’t get left all over the damned place.

Frankly, there isn’t enough data to make any kind of authoritative statement about what’s ‘normal’ in regions of space where us even having access is demonstrably new and unusual. 9 years out of 15 billion, you know? Any claims of ‘this isn’t normal’ in there is as fallacious as my intentionally ridiculous comparison with titans.

As for not getting a response… if you came to Delve, getting shot is about the only response you’d get here, too.


I certainly don’t mean to insult Mother Nature. Have you considered that, even if we created an artificial body using a machine, it would still be a product of nature due to the simple fact that we are natural ourselves? We inhabit a material universe and everything within it natural as a consequence. We can’t escape the nature that we are embedded in and it would require something from outside the universe, acting under other laws, to be truly unnatural.

I consider it a testament to nature that we could have evolved to such a level; to possibly create a mechanical, non biological body. How do we know that this isn’t simply a possible path of evolution?

There is a huge diffrence between something that evolved and something that is designed. How can you even compare the two?

It seems to be apt enough. Nature being the great, albeit blind, designer.


Emphasis mine.

Drifter installations. Not Sleeper.

Don’t lie to me, Goons are much too fond of shittalk for that to be true.

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Prove there’s a real difference before demanding it as a distinction.

That doesn’t mean it’d be a response to you, though. I’ve watched our idiots shittalk an empty system. It’s like claiming the white noise of an empty comm channel is ‘a response’.


Really, considering certain traits of the structure it’s maybe more yonic. With all the sharp angles, though, the resemblance to anything very related to human biology’s pretty questionable. It looks more like a crystal formation than anything very organic.


Look at my symbol of power right at the tip of the towers that shoot rays into space and consolidate my military power in the region.


… the Minokawa?


… yeah, gone about as far with this as I’m going to, Ms. Tsukiyo, aside from observing that there are a lot of camera angles you can view an Astrahus from. Some of them will show you something quite different.

After all this time you’re still mistaking loud for interesting.

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Lots of boys making big swords to clash with one another moved to space and now make big ships to shoot each other in the face and make a mess all over.

Here, my missiles coming from behind will breach your hull in no time.

No! I’ll shoot my laser right at your face

None of those are match for my high speed projectiles penetrating your defenses

It’s not about speed, it’s about raw power, take all my blasters shot, hmpf, hmpf.

Boys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Have you met DK?


Shalt thou not utter the name of the beast, lest it be summoned.


Is there any possible way of cleaning boards from Embers and Arrendises?

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Please, for Maker’s sake, don’t draw the Universe in such grim dark colors.

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If you deal in blacks and whites atleast you deal with constants. Colors and shades of grays express freedom from societal norms that should not be.

Yes I’m bored enough to think that random thought up…


Freedom by itself is a very grimdark notion. And shades of grey in that case are nothing but mud and filth.

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Well said.

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Thank you, Ms. Vess, let the Winds be with you.

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Are you saying you don’t like missiles? I was using you as an example that female pilots can be just as adept with their missiles as male pilots. Precisely what do you find objectionable about that?