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Interesting idea.
Two quick thoughts:
Don’t post a irl pic / not sure people would want to toss everything they own if you die. I know I wouldn’t

Get a grip, mate.

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Interesting Idea… I have no doubt that you could build a faithful, almost cult, following with a female A-Type personality going on. However, I don’t know of a single person that would follow rule 4 & 5 you have laid out there. Creating chaos is one thing, and generally a good thing for EVE, but those 2 rules are so counter intuitive to the progress of a corp/community. I have little faith you’ll find anyone that will stick around to execute those more than once.
Anyways, best of luck on your adventures and corp creation. Fly safe o7

That’s because there is no kitchen in EVE. The captain’s quarters came close.

Delete your account.

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