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recruited enough members

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Interesting idea.
Two quick thoughts:
Don’t post a irl pic / not sure people would want to toss everything they own if you die. I know I wouldn’t

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Get a grip, mate.

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Interesting Idea… I have no doubt that you could build a faithful, almost cult, following with a female A-Type personality going on. However, I don’t know of a single person that would follow rule 4 & 5 you have laid out there. Creating chaos is one thing, and generally a good thing for EVE, but those 2 rules are so counter intuitive to the progress of a corp/community. I have little faith you’ll find anyone that will stick around to execute those more than once.
Anyways, best of luck on your adventures and corp creation. Fly safe o7

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That’s because there is no kitchen in EVE. The captain’s quarters came close.

Delete your account.

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