Vague/Nonexistent Concord articles?

So some retard decided to get salty after he was kicked out of my corporation, so he hired a mercenary corp to wardecc us. after a few days, the war was called off by the concord, which sited some random “Articles of the yurai convention”. I have never even seen these convention articles before, and if the concord can use them to call off wars automatically I would love to know what they say as for war conditions if they actually exist.

-Thank you in advance, Lego.

That’s just a lore thingy and has nothing to do with the actual rules for wars. A war ends if:

  • after 1 week if the agressor does not pay the bill to prolong the war.
  • if one of the involved parties disbanded
  • if one of the involved parties surrenders and the other accepts.

"Article #1 of the Yulai Convention:

If you pay CONCORD,
CONCORD will look the other way,
but if you do not keep paying CONCORD,
then your war is invalidated."

Never not pay CONCORD. :wink:

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