Valkyrie PvP Alliance looking for PvP Corps and Individuals!

Valkyrie is recruiting ACTIVE PVP corps and individuals for the lovely region of Scalding Pass. We are a mix of old and young ppl and were mainly operating in EU/RU and also US TZ. We are focused on small to mid scale pvp, but sometimes were also fighting with our coalitition in major warfare.

Valkyrie is an alliance which supports different game styles, such as small gang pvp as also camping choke systems. Its your game and your fun!
Join us in our Public Chat Channel: V.A. Recruitment

What we can offer:
░ Lots of Pvp
░ Knowledgable, mentoring pilots
░ Corp Ops and Alliance Ops
░ Daily action
░ Active Leadership
░ TS3/Discord for communication
░ Laid-back atmosphere
░ A Strong Coalition

What we expect from our recruits:

▒ Be active player, log in , join comms, join fleets
▒ Basic game mechanics knowlege, know how to fly your ship
▒ Self-Sufficient
▒ Working Headset and Mic
▒ Good Attitude, no drama queens
▒ Good sense of humor
▒ Primarily English speaking Comms (multi cultural languages present)
▒ Omega account

Wether you’re a seasoned vet or a progressing pilot we can provide you active pvp, skill improving situations, maybe even very good isk’s making opportunities.
If you have an interest and a desire for PEW and less QQ: feel free to join our public channel: V.A. Recruitment or contact me directly ----> CaNy0uSaS

Here some footage:

Up to the Top !

Valkyrie is still looking for corps and pilots ! :slight_smile:

Yeah! We hire awesome players for awesome content!
Набегайте парни, контент есть, крабство есть, стройка есть, все есть.

We have cookies!

Best drunk fc’s in eve

Yes! We can!

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Hello i am currently looking around for a corp, I mostly do pve and PI, but would like to get into some pvp eventually. Are you guys still recruiting?

Hey Ernest yes we ware still recruiting ! i will contact you ingame :slight_smile:

And we are still looking for awesome pilots!

Here latest content --> Content

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