Null Sec Indy Corp Seeking Indy, PVP, PVE Pilots

We are Valkyrie Consortium (VFLY) , a proud member of the No Visual Alliance and Winter Coalition.

We are looking for active pilots in all aspects of Eve. VFLY is the industry Corp for our alliance so if you love to produce we are always busy. Living in Null provides lots of PVP opportunities if you are interested, We have lots of space for PVE, And exploration is always a fun option.

We only ask for two fleet participation’s a month per toon to maintain good standing.
For our miners, we have an extensive list of moons to mine, there’s always a moon available to mine. In VFLY RL comes first. Our Alliance coms are very laid back and friendly, and has members from EU, US, and AUS time zones. Also we have access to upwell structures for all your Indy needs.

We are looking for players who enjoy Null-Sec Gameplay or are looking to give Null a try. There is no minimum amount of skill points required, but we do expect you have omega status. Having interest in Indy is a plus but not required. For our industry members who participate in Corp jobs we have a rewards system in place. If you can dream it we can build it!

Please join us in our alliance server and ask for Ranay or StaticRain our Ceo

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