Vaneer Solutions Inc. "Forging Stars"

Who we are:

  • A newborn Industrial focused corporation.
  • Focus on Mining, Manufacturing, Hauling and Trading.
  • We also do Mission Running, Exploring and Ratting.

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to grow alongside the corporation.
  • Supportive environment for both new players and veterans
  • Highsec and Lowsec divisions for more diversity of content
  • Buyback and Jump Freighter Service
  • Monthly events

I’m aware that corporation that are this small don’t get that much attention, but most of people don’t get the silver lining of being part of it, and that is, you can bring your ideas and be heard, being part of something greater and shape our corporation destiny and its legacy.

If after all this, you’re up for the challenge hit me with one ( Or more! ) following methods:

  • DM me here on Reddit
  • Mail me in game: Jalis Vaneer
  • Join our discord [Vaneer Solutions Inc.] and talk directly to me!

Fly safe and have fun!

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