Vanguard feedback

After downloading for ages, I trued to start. All I get is another error:

Unsupported RHI or FeatureLevel inferred. This game must be launched with support for D3D12 and SM6.

Chosen: D3D12 (SM6)
Default: D3D12
Preferred: Not Set
Forced: Not Set (Not Set)

For Vanguard questions/support you’d be better off on the EvE Discord. Once there, when you click on “Browse channels” on the left in the channels column, you’ll see a section of Vanguard that you can activate. Vanguard devs keep a close eye there

good luck


It’s been brought up on previous Vanguard tests, seems to be a Windows install/update issue:

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thank you

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Three words on Eve Vanguard → Play Helldivers 2.

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