Vanishing Assets | Vet corp Reforming | HS/WH Living| New Player Friendly!| Build a universe with us!

Good news everyone!

Vanishing Assets is reforming!

We are a veteran corp that has been around for many years, but have been inactive for some time. Now, we are putting in serious effort to reform and rebuild!

Our eventual goal:
⌤ Wormhole living
⌤ Alliance Re-formation
⌤ Socialist programs (SRP, Ore Buyback etc.)

What we are doing now:
⌤ HS Home while we reestablish

What we are looking for:
⌤ New and Vet players alike
⌤ PvPvE minded
⌤ Who want to live in WH space or HS
⌤ Explorers
⌤ Industrial Players
⌤ 0 SP requirement to join!

What we offer:
⌤ (Soon) HS Home
⌤ (Soon) Facility Services
⌤ New player training, and guidance
⌤ (Soon) Ship SRP
⌤ (Soon) Ore Buyback
⌤ (Soon) Fleets. PvP and PvE
If you want to have fun, build a corp, come join us!

Lets bump it! :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

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