Vanishing Assets | WH PvP-PvE | Noob Friendly | Be the Unexpected!

Rising from the Ashes once again!

Have you ever wonderd what the big deal about Wormhole space is ?
Are you Tired of the Political Drama of High Sec or Null Sec ?
Are you sick of the constant War Decs from Highsec corps ?
Do you seek Dank ISK while having Adrenaline pump in your veins from pvp ?

Look no further! Vanishing Assets is now recruiting players who want to experience Wormhole life. Noobs to Vets we take all players!

Who We are

We are a C2 Wormhole group, in with WHSOC Alliance. We are Newbie friendly, who will help train New players to eve, or even New players to Wormholes! We firmly believe RL comes first so there will never be any drama if you cannot Login and play! Play how you want, when you want as long as Fun is involved! There are no CTA’s so there will never be any Forced Dispatch, or Forced Training!

What we have to Offer
There are many Benefits we have to offer, the top most being:

  • Non Toxic Environment, We and our alliance actively removes Toxic Players
  • PvE Groups
  • PvP Roams,
  • Amazing Ratting and soon to be amazing mining opportunities
  • Never boring always something going on
  • Full Buyback program for Ore, Ratting, Exploration and everything else
  • Fun Atmosphere
  • Full and Constant PvP Opportunities
  • Neutral Logistical Services
  • Very Active Alliance

What we Require

  • Discord and Teamspeak usage
  • Full Non Expiring API Key
  • Great Attitude
  • Willingness to train into Corp/Alliance/Coalition Doctorate ships
  • Willingness to learn about how to survive J Space and Bob’s wrath!

For more information, or to start the application Process Please either Join our Public Discord or join our In game public Channel!!

Discord Servers:

If I am unreachable on Corp Channels and Discord, please try alliance and ask for Vanishing Assets Recruitment and Leadership!

Remember, There’s always a bigger fish!

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Recruitment Status: OPEN

Wormhole space Isn’t as scary as you may think! The #1 reason I get for people not wanting to join is “Wormholes are too much for me” or “I’m not good enough” or even better yet “It’s too Scary”

Well what if I told you, the Unknown is what makes it great ? It is only “scary” if you let it be! Embrace the Unknown, become a part of it! Be molded by it! Learn to use it to YOUR Advantage, do not be afraid of it! Give In to the Darkness it will be the most intense and fun experieance in EVE.

Feel like you are too new to the game or to low skill ? We offer a large support system both in corp and Alliance wide to help you develop the skills and the Confidence to live in the most exciting part of new edan!

Recruitment Status: OPEN

What an exciting morning! New players took a fleet out and learned some aspects of pvp and FC’ing… Then saw a Heron try to bait with an Astero!

You never know what will transpire from day to day out here!

Be the Unknown
Learn how to be Unknown!

Join Us!
Vanishing Assets!!!

**Recruitment Status:**OPEN

Remember Folks, they never expect a cloaky Skiff to come out of no where to pounce on you!

Vanishing Assets,
Expect the Unexpected,
Be the Unknown!

Always looking for amazing people to come fly with us!! Guaranteed fun experience!

Expect the Unexpected!
Become the Unknown!

New Player ? Vet ? No worries! We can train anyone in any field! Come stop in and say hello!

Recruitment Is OPEN! Stop in for a chat, see if Wormhole life is for you!

Wanted to stop by and say hello @Scorpnet_Dotcomm.

Keep up the fine work my friend in J Space and people take note. Jump on board!


WHSOC - Jump to be known

Thank you @Mr_Glaser Nice to have you here! And nice to be part of the Family!

Take note everyone, Come join an amazing group of guys for fun, isk, and Ownage!

Recruitment Is Still OPEN!!

Oh Hey! Didnt see you over there! You’re pretty good at sneaking up on people, I think you have what it takes to be the unknown!

Recruitment Is always OPEN :smiley: Come on in and join us for some amazing fun, ISK, and pure pwnage!

So we had a hilarious interesting night!

Started off yesterday with a Defense fleet op. Helping a friend save their Structures…
Managed to end the fight 5b isk positive! Was a fun fight!!

Took out an Algos roam that night, Not only did we kill a Nightmare (How da f?) But we got a 1.5b isk bounty placed on us from a dude who only lost a 43m Dragoon! HA! Got to love nights like that!!!

The unknown lurks ahead! Join us, and Stalk the Stalker!

Today we ate a big ol juicy Wingspan Steak! mmmmm DELICIOUS!

Reporting LIVE from the unknown regions of the wormholes! Applications for Employment are still being accepted!

Recruitment is still open!

Recruitment is Open all day! Come in and say HI!

Welcome one, Welcome all! New or Vet, Need to learn ? Stop on by!

Join us and learn the finer points of Wormhole living! Become the Unknown!