Vargur. T1 Dread, Commands, Orcas too many to mention

Total SP 69,784,961 Skillpoints
All CCP Rules apply
Toon is located in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
Has 2 jump clones in HS
While you can fly a large assortment of T2 ships ranging from Gallente Command to Minmatar Dread and is 8-9 days off making a good rorq pilot as well, all the core is solid Marauders V and AutoCan spec V complete it spanks what it shoots at.
Has good social skills but note the Amarr do not like this toon they will shoot but it dont hurt much you can still dock in all amarr stations with no issue.

BUY well try your luck.
Don;t intend to maintain your bid please do not bid at all.
This is not here for opinions just bids and offers.

Good Luck

43.5 bil BO, confirmed in game

Offer accepted please send the isk and I will start transfer without delay

isk and account name sended

I received 43.5 bill for Uptown Gankster I will not start the transfer process once the account name is mailed in game.

account name is mailed as well

Thank you for prompt payment the chr has been X’ferd to your account it can take 10 hours so im told

Thank you

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