VaskTech Releases Shotgun Variant Firearms

I am proud to announce the release and official sale of VaskTechs new Shotgun variant firearms for general sale to authorized gun purchasers all across the cluster.

Since the release of our catalog a year and a half ago it has frequently been brought to my attention that we lack something for more close-quarters encounters. A Personal Defense Weapon is fine and dandy for special forces or security units, but what about the intrepid hunter in the wild? A weapon that fires 1,100 rounds per second is likely to kill the target, but leave little to recognize when you mount it on your wall.

This is no longer an issue with the unveiling of three new firearms from the R&D teams here at VaskTech. The VT-1010 Pump Action, the VT-1312 Automatic, and the VT-1417 Breach Action.

Have you ever found yourself on the hunt for large game and been unsure of whether your standard weapon will be up to the task? Fear no longer. The VT-1010 is the perfect weapon be your foe large or mid-sized game. Using our proprietary 18x90 Slugs the only thing that is likely to stop this rifle from putting down your target is heavy armor plating. With a capacity of 8 rounds and the potential with four more with use of our extended tube system, this rifle has all you need to put down some of the scariest beasts out there.

And for those who are less enthused about hunting, and more enthused about turning whatever you aim at into a fine pink paste, the VT-1312. Our automatic shotgun variant can put 450 rounds downrange in under sixty seconds. And with our 18x90 Hybrid rounds, there will not be much left of whatever you were aiming at. With a preference for Antimatter, but Iron and Lead variants available, the VT-1312 will put a sizeable hole in all but the thickest of armor plating. This weapon is personally used by VaskTech Security’s breaching teams who helped extensively test the weapon’s use in close-quarters combat.

The final firearm is for those who are less interested in hunting or close quarters but are more certain that whatever you are aiming at should cease to exist post haste. The VT-1417 is a beast of a firearm. Hurling the same 40x60 Hybrid Explosive Charge our patented VT-9735 Plasma Launcher fires but in a more compact form. You only have one shot, but when you are firing an explosive charge this large, one-shot is generally all you need. With extensive barrel length replacements available and even the option to outfit the firearm with our 18x90mm Barrel and send some 18x90 Explosive shells downrange. Out of all the three new additions to our arsenal, the VT-1417 is one that is just a pleasure to fire.

If any of the above firearms catches your fancy, or you would like to view VaskTech’s extended catalog, please take a look at the link below.

VaskTech Product Portfolio/Weapons

Requests for quotes or possible testing of firearms should be forwarded to myself via mail or personal message. We ship to anywhere in High-Security space using well respected cluster-wide shipping services and smaller shipments can be delivered via courier service to low security or even 0.0 space with added cost.

We hope to receive your business soon!

Dr Ninavask Revan
CEO of VaskTech


A slug that sized for your hunting variant would make an absolute mess of mid sized game and a mess of anyone’s shoulder who isn’t prepared. Certainly it seems on the surface appropriate for larger game, especially in an emergency situation, but given the standard cartridge for medium game is 13.41x76 which works effectively well and without blowing a giant hole on the other side, why should I move to your product?


Is it possible to order a set of two custom made sidearms for personal use?

Utari Onzo - A slug that sized for your hunting variant would make an absolute mess of mid-sized game

Thank you for concerns, but I can assure you most mid-sized game will not supply enough slowing force for an 18x90 slug to even begin to break up. And though it might slow down the projectile the exit wound is not significantly larger than the average slug diameter as unless the shot deflects off the bone it will not tumble nor will it have enough time to break up.

On larger game, the slug has more time to break up and is going to cause significantly more internal damage, especially on creatures with thicker body mass. I do however understand your concerns about hunting with medium size game and though we offer it and guarantee its effectiveness at putting the target down, it is admittedly a larger round to use on any medium-size game. Keep in mind this is also a slug round, not a spread shot round. We have not released any actual shot rounds at this time due to legal concerns with the designs that I am not willing to disclose.

Diana Kim - Is it possible to order a set of two custom made sidearms for personal use?

It will depend on what you mean by custom. If you mean a personalized exterior to the firearm? Unfortunately, we do not offer artisanal work on our firearms that way. However, there are plenty of artists more than capable of applying graphics, laser etching, and customizing the appearance of a firearm.

If you are meaning designing an entirely new weapon platform, we can look into R&D costs for weapon platforms but unless you are willing to fund and back the development directly it is unlikely it would move forward.

And if you are simply meaning attachments, the catalog lists a variety of available attachments for personalization on your preferred firearm.

I am hunter of the most dangerous game , and i have never had to use a firearm of this size .

It is a very murderous weapon , i will buy couple and some rounds , thank you very much Ninavask .

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