Vastly Outnumbered Alliance - Recruiting Corps - Great place to grow!

Vastly Outnumbered is looking to gain a few corps to the alliance. Indy corps welcome. We have access to a wealth of moons and a great buyback system. (You mine and get payed, no need to haul or fuss)
We are heavily focused on new players to eve and training them up. So new player focused corps welcome.

What were looking for.

  • Small to Med corps.
  • active member base
  • Be willing to work with and contribute to alliance growth
  • Have fun and be drama free.

What we have to offer

  • Active leadership.
  • Discord and auth system
  • Citadels, ECs, and refineries
  • Many Moons within the region held by allies
  • Advancement options

We currently work in highsec and lowsec.

Eve Mail Ragnal Lothbrok Ingame or PM me here.

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