Vecamia: Amarr - Jita route

Yes CCP has bad ideas, like Zarzakh gates and shipcasters. There was a lot of vigorous discussion around these, in addition to ansiblexes (and to a lesser extent cynos), around the perils of geography skipping and greater force projection. So much so that the CSM got involved and CCP decided to „fix“ the issue by doing a hacky bit-flip to enable bubbles in Zarzakh, which clearly does not work at stopping force projection given Frat‘s presence in the south of the map.

So after years of discussion around this in both Uprising and Havoc releases, why you would propose adding yet more force projection and geography skipping, can only be summed up to ignorance and not participating in the wider community.

It doesn’t matter if I „sound like an AI“, it doesn’t save you from the fact that your bad idea is objectively bad.

And that’s not even getting into the highsec angle of your idea, which takes all the problems of the TTT agreement and says „You know what is missing and would be great? All of the problems of highsec Customs Office cartel“.

It’s layers of bad ideas just piled up on top of each other into one truly terrible idea.


Unfortunately today the few people with good arguments need to repeat these over and over again because the flood of stupid ideas got higher than ever.

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Zarzakh is different, you cant destroy that gate and its not owned by a player. I wrote about player gates in High sec, something sort of like moon mining in high sec.

because TTT did not harm the game enough yet…

I need to get to Amarr sometimes so I can have longer PvP sessions and not some traveling, or some stupid gatecamp. I want actual PvP of honorable variety like bombing capitals with FVBs. So gladly make the route shorter. Thanks.

come one, it only takes

29min 54s using a shuttle
38min 46s using a cruiser.
51min 42s using a BS.

You are totally free to choose the transport mode with which you want to hate your life.

meanwhile going through Ls it only takes
7min 24s using a shuttle
9min 38s using a cruiser
12min 55s using a BS.
If anything, the short route should be increased.

Would that make capital travel in null more difficult? When I lived there, I used to move my caps through a low sec cub point to reach other parts of null where hostiles were. Without those stations in the jump path, I wouldn’t have risked it. Maybe there is a new mechanic that compensates, but jump fatigue sucks.

Add a thin ring of NPC null-sec systems at the edge of empire space. There you go, now you have staging systems.

No, it’s not that long.

Set destination from Jita > Hek

Then from Hek > Geth

Then Geth > Amarr.

I’m almost positive this is far less than 46 jumps. Been a while since I’ve played… because… meh.


It’s Gheth

My bad I read it incorrectly.

Technically 45 jumps… but 46 systems in total. So knock off a single jump from each of those numbers I mentioned earlier.

It used to be far shorter, back before the Triglavs took Narja. But that all changed when the Triglav nation attacked.

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I’d just like to mention Vecamia has become much more dangerous since I made this thread. You’re all welcome. :smiley: Pretty sure it was in the single digits the day I made this thread.


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They can camp both systems all the time, because its still quite short and people will go there.

This is strange. I never had any issues passing through Ahbazon from the Amarr to Jita. I did however lose 2 ships in the Vecamia system. One Apocalypse back on Feb. 9th and a Miasmos back last year Sept. 26th, from what I see here.

I guess I pay closer attention as to which of those 2 systems are experiencing greater ship loss and activity. The recent loss of the Apocalypse was due to ratting and testing the build. I really didn’t have the speed required to warp away when found there. That date was 10 full days before you created this topic.

Have fun!

I was just being a bit tongue and cheek there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Isn’t this just topic become more relevant of late , with one of the systems between minmatar and amarr starting to fall to pirate incursions.

Unless locals can push it back


I also heard rumor that CCP took out Bounty System temporarily.
I wouldn’t hang on rumors around CCP’s upcoming plans. Disappointment guaranteed.

Having lowsec systems between Jita and the other trade hubs is kind of the point, I think. Wouldn’t want to make things too easy for the Carebears now would we?