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i do not have a reddit account.

But i would like to say here, my heart goes out to all who live in Vegas, have friends/family there.
Last time i went to a Fanfest was in Iceland in '14.
The shooting that occurred is a heinous crime, and i hope the authorities can resolve as to why it happened if for no other reason to create more preventive measures. However as a Combat Veteran these type of occurrences are something you never really walk away from even as a survivor.

Any Capsuleers caught up in this event I hope you are safe. I have read and seen things already on topics such as Donating blood, I am also a recent diabetic so i do not know if that is a possible thing for me to do effectively, more info from someone would be nice, or other info on anything our community could do to assist.
I start my trip for Vegas on Wed, in game mails or replies here about Vegas would be welcome as currently my friend and POC for Vegas i have not been able to get in touch with yet at this time has me concerned, but i am still going.
CCP thanks for your quick updates
i entrust you will keep attendees informed about any changes/security concerns that might crop up.

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