Verdis's Fit of the Week: Sentinel

Hello again, fearless capsuleers! The Cardinal of Chaos is back again to help with your PvP pleasures! As usual, this is part of an ongoing series intended to help people learn from my wins and losses. I write one every Wednesday, as a service for you, just as I do for my alliance, the Sixth Empire.

A lot of those who know me will tell you that I have an expensive addiction in Eve: solo PvP. No links, no alts, no scouts, just me vs the cluster. And while I die to blobs a lot, the adrenaline rush of a good solo fight is beyond compare. The key is to leverage a fight in your favor before you take it, and a few things help. Ewar, cap warfare, speed and range are all things which will help you win as dishonorably as possible.

Now what if you rolled all those things into one ship? You’d get this:

This little boat will take on nearly anything under cruiser size, and even a few of those, and win solo.

Cap stable with second neut off
Massive ewar vs turrets or launchers
High speed
Very easy to disengage from a fight
Massive cap warfare

Tank nonexistent
Vulnerable to fast drones
Pretty damn ugly

This frigate will ruin people’s day. Ewar reduces range or application by 60+% to turrets or launchers. It neuts at point range with medium neut amounts. And it does it while having a cap stable MWD, so you never have to slow down. Which is good, because the second you do, you get shredded. Seriously. Its tank is its ewar, and if you’re scrammed by more than one ship, you die.

The way I fly it is to establish orbit at about 20km with MWD on, apply point, appropriate ewar, vamp, and both neuts. It will cap out most frigates in 6 seconds, and destroyers in 12. When the vamp stops pulling, turn off second neut, and wait while your ~80dps chews through your target. I prefer Hobgoblin IIs or Acolyte IIs, but its up to you.

Target selection is all T1/faction frigates except Worm, Interceptors, gunboat destroyers, as well as cruisers with no utility slots, and small drone bays. I would take on a Maller or Moa, but not a Thorax or Omen. I have not flown it against Assault Frigates since the changes, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness there. Stay away from Algos/Dragoon, their drones will catch you. Oh, and this will eat a Garmur for lunch. Finally, a cure for cancer.

That’s it for this week, please feel free to comment, say hi, or laugh at my killboard in the comments. You can swipe the fit by logging in to zkill and saving it directly to your fitting manager in game by pushing the export button. And if you want to talk, I’m always in the Sixth Empire discord ( ) so feel free to hit me up there. Til next week, have fun out there!


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garbage fit for a garbo noob

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The cure for Garmur cancer is ewar cancer? Might as well pull out the Falcon. :wink:

On the fit itself: I find it really interesting that you managed to get a MWD cap-stable fit! I would normally not touch CPR or CCC with a 10 km pole for a PvP fit, but I can’t deny this looks good for 1v1 fights. It looks like maybe your biggest vulnerability is something like a Tristan (or other drone boat) though.

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