Versatility Rather Than Power Creep

I liked how a Cyclone could use either missiles or projectiles.

Can we please get two “sub-systems” (copying some code from T3s) or a docked only mode switch (copying T3 destroyers) to allow battle cruisers T1 and Battleships T1 to switch weapon types.

It would still be race locked, so Minmatar Cyclone could switch between projectiles or missiles but it couldn’t turn on bonuses for hybrid weapons.

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Its an interesting idea. But it has potential to blur the game. For example today when you see a specific ship on the scanner you kind of know what to expect, and the more you play, the better you get at this.

Your idea taken to the extreme means that people can pick any ship model, and get any role bonuses they want, providing they have skills for it. This makes PVP too random i think, and you will never really know what to expect when you see something on scanner. Some people will see that as a good thing, but i for one do not. Have a nice day.

why ? if you wanna use Projectiles then use a hurricane oO
where is the advantage of having every ship can fit every weapon ?
which boni would have these ships ? and why ?
if the boni dont change it would be useless because you have a missile bonus and will do more dmg with missiles then with projectiles so … a useless feature

i still can fit on a turred bases ship evers turret weapon if i want… there is nothing “race locked”
a hurricane has boni to projectiles but can still fit Energy or Hybrid turrets… its just not fittet because of your hull bonus

no its not …

and then we only need 1 ship per size and everyone can use it as he want… doesnt make sense

such stuff will never be a “good thing”

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It really is a case of “I have a perfectly good screwdriver but i just feel I would be getting more out of it if I used it as a hammer instead of my perfectly good hammer.”

Theres nothing about the cyclone that makes it a highly desirable platform for every weapon. So if you want to use projectile turrets, theres a perfectly good Hurricane right there.

The hurricane looks flimsy compared to the cyclone ut the cyclone has an awkardly placed giant thruster at the front. Have the guy who designed the model never played KSP? Whappens if you put a giant thruster in a place like that

and how could this information help the OP ? your just talking ■■■■ again
how does the look of a ship is important to its abilitys ?

you get speed out of it maybe ? oO
and the trhsusters only need to be balanced so you can fly in every direction … if you put it below or ontop of a hull doesnt matter

This idea is alread in the game. It’s called “switching ships”.

no its called gnosis cause he doesnt want to switch ships ! he want to switch fits and now your shield mission ship is an blaster armor buffer fit and still wants every boni he can get on this ship

We wouldn’t want CCP to subvert anyone’s expectations during combat.

well first of all…the lore for those things…they are not thrusters, as in providing propulsion…they are exhaust ports for the dark matter/exoctic energy that is unused from the power spheres each ship has installed…the energy created from those spheres when hooked up to nuclear/fusion reactors is mixed with regular type of energy which the total is represented by our ship capacitors.

The spheres when powered is also our source of propulsion, something like linear gravimetric drives.

How about: NO?
Such ships already exist, generously offered by The Society of Concious Thought and CONCORD.

“I have a perfectly good screw driver … but wouldn’t it be nifty if I could swop the tip between a star and a flat head …”

I am not really asking for something new, just a modern implementation of what used to exist before.
The cyclone had the same number of hard points and missile points, it had bonuses for both missiles and artillery.

I am suggesting that instead of being say 5x arty + 2x missiles launchers, it can be either 5x arty or 5x missiles with their relevant bonuses.

ships getting rebalanced from time to time but it still does not make sense to have T3C´s wich are very versatile and then you have T1 ships witch are still very versatille in your choice which weapon you want to use.

CCP has a streight line how they give out boni for hulls and for T1 its always 1 ship with main weapon system and 1 ship with secondary weapon system. for minmatar BC`s there is the Hurricane as Projectile weapon ship ( main weapon ) and the cyclone as missile ship ( secondary weapon )

caldari is drake / ferox
gallente is brutix / myrmidon
amarr is harbinger / prophecy

this is a good balanced concept ( doesnt mean ships or weapon are well balanced but another story ) and it doesnt need to be changed. if now every ship can use and has boni for main and secondary weapon it just would break their line and every race had only 1 ship for every class

Minmatar is a mixed bag because they were originally designed to be adaptable.

  1. Breacher - shield boosting missiles
  2. Cruiser - no shield booster ship and now your missiles is an Ewar rather than assault.
  3. Cyclone - back to shield booster and missiles
  4. Maelstrom - shield booster and projectiles

Blargh lists broken

  1. Rifter - projectile, shield or armour.
  2. Rupture - projectiles, shield or armour.
  3. Hurricane - heavily armour (low slots), not many mid slots shields, same shield armour HP amounts.
  4. Typhoon - shield or armour (this time with more shield HP to compensate for less mid slots), however it is back to being a missiles boat.

You used to be able to go Rifter → Stabber → Arty Cyclone → Maelstrom, shields and projectiles all the way because the Rifter and Stabber were helped by speed tanking.

Now if you go projectiles progression, you are lumped into the hurricane, a gang / fleet ship because it doesn’t have repair bonuses.

The versatility nerf helped new players to focus their fits but it also screwed up their skill progression lines and threw unnecessary hurdles in there.
What I am proposing would help both and make the game a bit more interesting on the T1 level again.

It also broke the options for small gangs with mixed ships or solo players, being able to field an arty cyclones meant you could push more into tracking without giving up your tank.

(It is also a bit of a rug pull for people that trained Minmatar precisely because they wanted the versatility that they had.)

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1 Frigates - cant realy say about somthing i´m not a frigate pilot
2 Destroyer - gets “new” ships implemented to be more versatile a few years ago
3 cruiser - nobody has an active tank bonused cruiser hull
4 Battlecruiser - cyclone was always a shield ship ! and a hurricane can be a good shield ship and there are fleet doctrines for !

5 Battleships - minmatar and gallente got an active rep bonus but caldari and amarr got an resistance bonus … gallente BC`s have also good shield fits for some roles and they are mostly armor tanked

every race has something you can switch but still its not useful to get all the ships all boni so you can choose what you want ! this would break the balance between everything and the T3C useless cause you can have a cheap versatile version of every shipclass

a newbro who doesnt get a clue what he want cant never be focused and the newbros who know what they want are focused if they want to be focused !


This is mildly relevant?

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1 Frigates - cant realy say about somthing i´m not a frigate pilot
2 Destroyer - gets “new” ships implemented to be more versatile a few years ago
3 cruiser - nobody has an active tank bonused cruiser hull
4 Battlecruiser - cyclone was always a shield ship ! and a hurricane can be a good shield ship and there are fleet doctrines for !

  1. N/A
  2. Vertical not lateral versatility.
  3. Stabber speed tanks more like the Rifter.
  4. Cyclone was an Artillery OR Missiles ship. It gave you a PVE / small gang gun battle cruiser that helped you skill into a Maelstrom.

a newbro who doesnt get a clue what he want cant never be focused

Sure they can. “I like guns and shields” or “That Maelstrom is cool, what is the quickest way I can get into it?” are entirely possible for new players.

It also sucks to get fire walled in the only active tank T1 battle cruiser for Minmatar line.

then fly an other ship

On the path to a Maelstrom, you have just come up with the best solution! Thank you!