Version 18.06 - Known Issues


Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues from this monthly release.

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  • A low rumble noise is present during the Project Discovery tutorial


  • Upwell Weapons not receiving weapon bonuses in wormholes
  • The new Lightning Strike event sites (Upwell Covert Research Facility) are significantly rarer than intended
  • When running the new Lightning Strike event sites (Upwell Covert Research Facility) with a fleet, the fleet members who did not get the final blow on the Decloaked Backup Storage Vault structure will always receive a message that indicates that the fleet received an escalation, even if the fleet did not receive an escalation. When the fleet actually does receive an escalation, all the characters from the fleet on grid (including character that obtained the final blow on the Vault) will receive the escalation popup and the character that obtained the final blow will receive the escalation in the agency.
  • The Federation Day parades daily challenge on June 20th is failing to complete properly when fireworks are launched at the titans.
  • Simulating Fit may not work correctly after logging off and logging into another Character.


  • Vorton Tuning Module Blueprints using incorrect icons
  • Small Consortium Vorton Projector uses the large version’s Icon
  • Chain Lightning Weapon VFX cut out when delivering the killing blow on an enemy ship


  • Inconsistency with the number in Local chat and the number of Guests in a station

Fix broken Alliance MOTD’s this has been an issue for over a year now on my main and is acknowleged broken but hasn’t been looked at or fixed, every alliance director and CEO gets black screen upon trying to edit…


Could you please file a bugreport right after reproducing the issue and we’ll take a look :slight_smile:


Every day there was this tiny glimmer of hope to get sounds back. We’re now on day 21 since they were broken. So here goes.

I humbly pray to Thee,
Oh Mighty Lords of CCP,
On meekly bended knees
If you’d be so kind to please
Restore the sounds in space
Before I get shot in the face…
What good are wonderful explosions
If I can’t go through the emotions
Provided by roar and thunder ?
'Tis a mistake, nay, a blunder.

How long will this silence last ?
I’m growing tired now, very fast
Not knowing when to warp or stay,
On grid there is no other way.
Be it pirate or nasty capsuleer
It’s for my ship’s health that I fear
You see, I’m out here all alone
I don’t want to wake up in a fresh new clone!
And now I’m looking for someone to blame
So prod and poke him, if it’s all the same.

So hear my words, oh lordly Devs,
Fix the sounds, prevent the deaths.
Let me roam the open heaven.
It doesn’t matter if it’s windows seven
Or mac. they all need fixing.
I’ll even send you boose for mixing…
But what am I saying, who to bribe ?
I already pay for a less bumpy ride !
Please don’t turn a Jovian deaf ear
To a poor pilot’s plee for sounds to hear.



wow you didnt fix the sound … and conviently didnt roll it over to this patch’s known issues…

i guess you just hope we are all quiet and go away/./…

job well done


erm sound please jees what is wrong not even a mention of it either come on ccp this is becoming a joke now

EVE has sound?

EVE (should) have sound!


yes! and this is a known issue



Like the updates but seriously… fix the sounds pls…


I was in Renarelle, which is part of Faction Warfare. System is originally Gallente but occupied by Caldari. In the gates there were Federation Navy spawns. I am not sure if this should be how it works.


no edencom/vorton skills in eve portal.


Ships are new, sound problems are old


Hello There,

I would like to submit some problems regarding the use of the new project discovery minigame.

First, the minigame needs some further tools like in the old minigame. For instance, to increase the contrast or change the color spectrum of the points. Additionally, a magnifying glass would be helpful to spot differences between clusters. It happened to me more than once that I marked 4 clusters but in the end, there were 6. Pro tip here the tutorial said in the pic should be 4 clusters but the checker said 5. It is partially impossible to be accurate. So in order to have a good localization of clusters, I would need some tools to do it properly (Who determined the cut-off points ??). Otherwise, the accuracy is really low.

The next problem is concerning the choice of color and contrast. Dark blue / tiny light blue points and black background… I changed the settings of my monitor to very high contrast and brightness and still, it is partly difficult to identify the clusters correctly.

Lastly, what is that sound? White Noise ?!

Just my Humble Opinion & Best Regards



Have you perhaps put your client in color blind mode? Open the ESC window and check the bottom of the last column in the “General Settings” tab

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Sorry, did anybody find a new Lightning Strike event site? If yes, please say how you did it.


sry failed totaly… it was the colorblind setting i tried for PD^^

for me all vilotet colors and blue are the same i fail in the second tutorial picture because i see NO 5th group…

and as mentioned… give us PD sound checkbox… even the old radioshattering is anoying

the colorproblem was also present in first PD why dont you give us colorsliders in the PD window itsself to play arround and see the different colors… its sometimes even display settings who can give troubles also…

the Pd window is on fulllHD screen also to big

and as an exemple… in this picture the second group is all just blue for me i have no chance ever seeing it


image The image option image to image hide image the image red image dots image appears image to image still image be image missing image


Unable to use “Auto-LInk” for any of the new weapons, ammo et cetera. The items can be seen (grey because nothing for sale) when looking via Market

Check: Small Consortium Vorton Projector , for example

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Second on requesting the ability to adjust the color saturation much like the planetary interaction filters for resources - It was a not so subtle reminder this morning to clean my screens off, dirt and the blue specks don’t look that much different to each other.


Pretty sure the new Lightning Strike events aren’t spawning in lowsec