Version 18.08 - General Feedback

I soloed one of the edencom sites a couple days after they started the event, peak incoming was ~675dps which my Praxis was well capable of tanking.

0 is not a negative number.

Nor is it positive. It’s 0.

Yeah I know that.
I just don’t trust CCP programming and designing and worry about neutral standing will also get hit by Edencom : )

well, hopefully they can remember to use lt(Standings,0), and not lte(Standings,0) :wink:


EDENCOM NPCs will now be hostile to players which have any negative standing with them

Finally. We are making progress with the “difficult choices”. Hopefully this makes more people fight for Edencom because they cannot easily chicken out of this entire farce. Good work.

Allow players to create multiple contracts for assembled ships at a time.

That sounds really cool. Does that mean I can highlight 50 fitted ships and put them all in individual contracts?


I would be interested to hear how have the NPC’s been rebalanced? Patching Caldari EM hole is nice but if their weapon systems and ECM is not tweaked, it does not help that much. See here: Triglavian invasions and Caldari NPC


From looking at some of the changes it seems alot of the caldari ship have been slowed down which is nice. Might be able to hit the frigates now with my leshak.

How dare you to remove Shaqil items?
You utter… oh well.
RIP Shaqil, you will be remembered.

So I carefully got all my neutral alts a -0.001 standing with edencom so they could safely transit either side’s systems. I’d wouldn’t have objected if this ‘equality’ update had been part of the original Trig invasion set-up, but I do consider it a poor update to be making now - or was it a deliberate trap on CCP’s part ?

How do I get my alts back to exactly 0.0000 to both factions ??


Shouldn’t Gallente have sensor dampeners as primary ewar module?


Both? You don’t, that’s not how numbers work.

*Edit wait…I misinterpreted that.

It’s possible in theory, but will mean Triglav will still shoot you as you need 0.0001 for them not to, so one side is always going to shoot you.

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These new patch notes ar on page 576 from this script!!! We ar getting there.

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Hah. if they do that, the Trigs will steamroll 'em NPC to NPC-wise in all 4 empires instead of just in Caldari…

Well, there is ONE way… and that’s hope CCP resets your standings to 0.000 for both Trig and EDENCOM.

Why? Because they did it once before. The last time I participated in the phase 3 invasion, the Tuesday afterwards they reset the standings/changed how they worked or how quickly they were accrued or whatever. Think it was in June.

There’s been a lot more time for people to gain/lose standings since that reset, so it’s less likely to happen now… but if CCP makes a major change to the system again, it’s quite possible they’ll reset standings again.

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Thanks for another round of retarded changes. I play this game for pvp and now you force me to do your shitty pve content in order to avoid getting ganked by npcs without any option to avoid this crap.

I hope this change will help player count to drop significantly, so you’ll have to revert it and fire the idiot who decided that those changes are fun.

Hopefully Albion Online getting major content update this week, I was in doubt about canelling my subs, but thanks for helping me to decide.


Not in informatics. Either you work with unsigned integers, so ALL of them are positive, including zero(…000) ; or you work with signed integer, in that case you work with's_complement and 0 has a positive sign bit (0).

Not in set theory. . zero IS positive as the initial item of the “next” series that produces the integers : integers are the items that are the “next” of an integer, or zero.

All in all, it depends on the context.

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You don’t. Trigs would shoot you if you weren’t positive to them, and edencom would ignore you. This removes the buffer zone that previously existed (and was apparently unintentional). You now choose between trigs being hostile or edencom being hostile, and that choice is a function of standings. If you shoot trigs you’ll quickly be positive with edencom again. If you leave your standings as they are (or continue to shoot edencom) edencom will be hostile to you.


Please no. It took me long enough as it is to get +3 standing with Edencom and they still don’t help me with reps and other remote assistance. I really do not want to grind that pointless standing up yet another time.

Heh. Well, like I said… “There’s been a lot more time for people to gain/lose standings since that reset, so it’s less likely to happen now”

So it probably won’t happen again. But it might. Just be prepared.

If CCP removes the red dot WHILE they reset your +3 with EDENCOM at the same time… will you consider that a net positive, personally? Just curious. :wink:


Also there is zero incentives to do this new shitty content. EDENCOM ships are frikking joke.