Version 18.12 - Known Issues

And the launcher refuses to update something but shows online. Great.

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Which snowballs do you have to use to hit capsuleers for the event where you have to shoot snowballs at capsuleers? :thinking:

Ok, how often do you plan to reset the activity tracker ? Once a week maybe ? Every other day maybe ?

There has to be a reason you seem to be unable to preserve activity tracker infos over downtime … or is it ?

With regards to the Activity Tracker. Whoever came up with this soapy whiteish background effect should be fired. Why was this implemented the plain dark background removed? This bright backgrounds makes the entire UI hard to read.

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Salvage Drone II BPC don’t show up in contracts.

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The Wightstorm data sites from the Winter Nexus event that started today are incorrectly rewarding some Capsuleers with Nightmare BPOs, as opposed to single-use BPCs that were intended to drop. This bug will be fixed with a patch tomorrow, 11 December.

For the small number of players who receive Nightmare BPOs in the meantime: do not trade them with other players or create extra copies using the original blueprints. We will be replacing all acquired Nightmare BPOs with single-use BPCs after the bug is fixed and reversing any transactions that might have taken place.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!


You can assign cores using resource manager and eve-o-preview allows to minimize inactive clients to reduce GPU load.

My new toon doesn’t have festive launchers or snowballs? guess I have to buy them to participate.

Just got the in-game notification about this one… holy crap…

I mean… faction ship BPOs… :::drools a bit:::

New toon meaning… not this toon, your older one? Contract 'em some launchers/snowballs from an older toon, that’s what I usually do when I want to get new alts in on some daily/event action.

Speaking of salvage drone IIs (Which I’ve been eagerly awaiting since I personally began Noctis salvaging in late 2013/early 2014, huzzah! my 6 years of waiting are rewarded in the end!)… why is the salvage drone specialization skillbook only available via character sheet? I still prefer to go to my nearest NPC skillbook shop and buy skillbooks. I like having the object and injecting it… and it’s cheaper.

CCPls, seed the new spec skillbook into our friendly neighborhood NPC station stores by x-mas, I’m hoping to inject some free SP into SDO 5 (all 3 of my mains have had it at 4 for years, waiting to train 5 until there were tech 2 bots to make it worthwhile!) and then get right on that spec skill training… x3!

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It’s also a huge headache to anyone participating in group PVE activities such as Sansha Incursioning, Trig/Pochven content, FOB bashing, and just fleeting up to do L4 or L5 missions and such for fun more than profit usually.

CCP, please just figure out some way for drone bunnies to still work. If you kill off drone bunnying… you’re really doing a disservice to the group PVE community, which has already been somewhat falling apart. The single key press to launch drones made getting drones out and assigned to the bunny a bit easier (though an easier way to keep reassigning to the same bunny would have been nice either as an FC option to set a default assist target or on the individual player’s side to say “reassign to last target”)… but this? this is 2 steps back after that 1 step forward.

I saw a reddit thread in the past couple of days in which a dude who triple boxes Ishtars (hey! I resemble that! ;D) and has 2 of them slaved to the 1 master (who has a TP and the other 2 have their drones assisted to him)… was called an AFKer because he was only actively playing on 1 of his 3 toons constantly. Dude replying to him literally said “your other 2 toons are AFK”… um… last time I checked players are either AFK or at the keyboard. Toons… don’t have keyboards. O_o Also: nevermind that he has to rep and move around and warp and drones out and assign and etc etc with the other 2 ishtars.

Personally I go with 3 lovetars (4 armor RR in the highs on all 3), no TPs, so I manually do the drones on all 3 when I fly those… but I use a similar setup with my triple Rattlesnakes, which I’ve barely used for years but did want to bring out again as I trained all 3 toons to tech 2 Cruise/Torps in the past couple years… hmmm… TP/direct fire missiles (furies now!) on the master. assigned geckos/heavies/sentries and FOF cruise missiles on the slaves. Rip that thought for the time being!

That’s about the long and short of it, except that assist didn’t just work with damage-based attacks but also webs, target painters, ewar of various types…

but yes, if they’re basically saying assist is now guard… what’s the point of having a separate assist and guard submenu selection.

No offense to the PVPers who will continue to enjoy aggressive drones, but I think it might have overall been better if CCP had just removed the aggressive option and made all drones passive. If that wouldn’t have broken assisting, that is.

Little history lesson for those who don’t know: Drone assisting used to be able to be done for all 255 peops in fleet. Thanks to giant fleets of archons (back when they were the best logi/drone carrier combo) and maybe also fairly large ishtar swarms in PVP as well back in the day… it’s been limited to just 10 (50 drones) per drone bunny for years now. That was enough for CCP for a long while… too bad it apparently still isn’t.

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Wake up, Samurai, they are reverting the assist change.

Personally what pisses me off the most, is not the changes themselves. Ratting didn’t exist for me until they revert MESS anyway, so it’s not like I personally cared that much. Bot buffing was one side of it, but the most disturbing was the manner those changes are shoved on me.

This literally shows CCP learned nothing from blackout, because that mistake is a repeat - no time was given to discuss and adapt to it. Just like blackout, with less than a week before announce and effect. In blackout, I’d be tons less salty, if I was allowed to calmly pull down all my structures and weather the stupidstorm in hisec. But no, it’s like I’m the prey to be trapped. What were you even afraid of, CCP? That I would run and not login if you let me evac? GUESS WHAT I DID ANYWAY.

This was the same. Of course, assist is a more bothersome option than drone aggro. Just like “we’ll just go ratting” response when you removed mining, that was “we’ll go assist” when you removed aggro. But I guess there’s no fun allowed anymore, because you removed ratting just as well, and you tried to remove assist with zero regards to consequences anyone with half a brain could predict.

Save yourself the rollbacks and discuss it first next time. Preferably for a month in advance.


Good! I didn’t see anything about that on reddit the past couple days or on the forums today, so YER BREAKING NEWS to me.

But anyway, the aggressive removal is bad enough with that additional insult to injury, so glad it’s a bug.

Then again, the bug of being able to create jump clones and set med clones willy nilly from like 5 years ago that CCP said was cool and good and glad the players liked back then… has now been partially reverted, so… never can be too careful!

Very intriguing.

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Do you have a source Orca? I haven’t heard anything, they haven’t added it to the list of known issues, and Lord Sarevok said his bug report on the issue was closed with a reference to the patchnotes. So, is this confirmed, or just speculation?


Removed a bunch of off topic posts. Keep it civil. Thank you.

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I mean, t3cs have been nerfed to a point where they are barely better then hacs, I don’t see much justification to keeping the sp loss anymore, considering T3Cs are beaten in almost all categories for most roles, most players will opt for specialized roles/ships over having one cruiser that can theoretically do all those jobs but weaker at it.


Yeah, I hadn’t either but I just was reading the Ancient Gaming Noob post about this week’s update and the most recent comment (from Wilhelm Arcturus) linked to/mentioned Paradox’s update… it was posted earlier today, the 10th, so it’s not like you and me were missing the info for 24-48 hours or something, at least. ;D

So between Orca here and AGN/Wilhelm Arcturus/Paradox (what a chain of communication) I woulda found out either way today, turns out. Whew.


Last years ones, it seems.

he ones thqat can be gained form the event sites either through mining fighting or exploring.