Version 19.01 - General Feedback

Don’t say that, you’ll just get accused of hating CCP. :joy: But you are totally right, this is another of instance of less than optimal implementation of changes.


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At a guess to make videos and streams look better.

Ship balls look… balls… Im sure its been bugging the Marketing Department

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In other news: When is CCP going to fix missing character portraits in the character Show Info window? This has been an issue for years now and even years old characters have missing portraits.

Dear CCP devs: Whatever you guys have done with this patch…my game is running 100x smoother. My computer is on the low end of running Eve, and i’ve struggled with persistent UI lag through much of my Eve life. I wanted to chime in to share the feedback that game performance has increased significantly for me with this patch. Thank you.


Oh and how come not all of the new Bookmark icon is clickable?

I was like “looks messy but if its easier to click on…”

Nope same size of clickable area as before, just a larger icon.

Concerning the 3d Mouse:

After this patch, the camera no longer immediately responds to mouse inputs. Like, if I stop touching the mouse, the camera won’t immediately stop, but instead slow to a stop. And I if I try changing directions, the camera will slow to a stop, before reversing directions. This happens no matter what settings I use.

I do think that this behavior will be helpful for getting more graceful camera stops and changes in camera direction, but having a setting that would cause the camera to immediately respond to your inputs would also be nice (i.e. how the camera used to function before the patch).

I also noticed that the zoom in and out seemed to go a lot faster than the other camera movements. However I was able to manually adjust the speed of that particular camera movement in the mouse’s software, so that one isn’t that big of a deal.

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His point is to have it dynamically scaleable, you know, like any modern window.


CCP’s mantra is “metrics, metrics, metrics” …remember when they ganked a while slew of advanced sound options because “noone was using it”?

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i think it’s because they tried to fix the “no object selected” and instead got “ingate selected”

haven’t looked at the New Eden Store like… ever, have you? half the screen is wasted space.

So, if you look at their screenshot, that’s wasted space inside a window. Which means the window’s already taking up more screen space than it’s using. So either the window needs to get smaller, or they need to use all of it to present more information.

" * The next Stargate on a Route in the Info Panel may not always be selected."

This ■■■■■■■ annoying! -_-


The window as a whole can be scaled, the content of that particular tab however, doesn’t scale like it should, and that’s the problem. Just shows how little consideration was given to this UI change, which in itself mostly adds tedium.


Brought back the description tab.

I was born last December and I thought I’m a Gallentian, but I found out with text of the description tab that I’m from Sebiestor Tribe actually. I’m really shocked by the fact.

People who started at the end of last year couldn’t know their race when creating the character. And now they have been informed that created character is unnatural character on EVE’s worldview. Fortunately, in my case, I can think of myself as an Minmatarian naturalized in Gallente because Minmatar and Gallente are allies, and there are many Minmatarian living in Gallente. However, there must be many characters who are absolutely impossible in the EVE worldview such as a Amarrian of Brutor and a Minmatarian of Khanid.

CCP, you must explain that such people began to born suddenly in New Eden. Otherwise, you should discard the history of EVE that has been made over the years.

  • Proud Gallente
  • “Son you’ve been adopted”
  • :worried:

We’ve made you this birthday cake … out of rust … and old bolts … we still love you ‘son’



Opening Project Discovery Strongbox takes 4 or 5 clicks (right-click, open, yes, ok) with some cheesy animation in between it might take some 10 seconds per crate. Doesn’t sound like a lot, right?

Opening 130 000 crates is going to take someone 360 hours, its 9 weeks going 40hr/week btw. Sounds like a great job!

Clicks add up.

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“Added new dynamic visuals (camera placement and intersystem tunnel effects) enhancing the overall player experience”

Actually for me it made it worse.
I started to close my eyes while the jump since the new animation gives me headaches. I have the same issue with shooters in fp and stairhouses. Hopefully there will be a option to prefere a black background instead of this and a fixated.


Oh, hear hear. But Considering that the state of the internet (or maybe just the state of humanity) continues to backslide further and further into the pit of chaos with each passing year… very noticeable in 5 or 10 year chunks, especially… I don’t hold out much hope for that.

I’m pretty used to the usual reaction to changes in these threads, and while I disagree with how impolite people are in expressing their opinions, I often sympathize with the opinions themselves, and indeed sometimes share them.

Not to mention that you then have to get your character sheet back to whatever tab you prefer to leave it on since what used to be in the med clone window is now commandeering the character sheet window… I prefer mine on the skillqueue view 99% of the time, the other 1% is probably a split between jump clones and faction/corp/agent standings tab… now the new home station/med clone tab is going to be fighting for a share of that 1% and introducing lots of extra clicks.

I’m pretty sure someone who is on the UI team won’t be happy until every single thing we do in space or in station is in the character sheet or the agency.

And once that day comes, then they’ll start combining the two. RIP station services panel, also.

That’s 4 more clicks if you dualbox, 6 more clicks if you triplebox… etc. etc. etc.

As someone said upthread re: having to open all those Project Discovery crates one by one with a crazy long animation in the middle… these clicks add up (in so many ways nowadays).


Book marks no longer show up on over view even though i have them turned on?