Version 19.01 - General Feedback

You are awesome :slight_smile:


Everyone should unsub and show the DEVS that they should be fired.

40% awesome 60% crazy… Or maybe it’s 60%awesome 40% crazy… Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’m as nuts as Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest :hugs:

But thank you :heart:

The launcher won’t start at all for me on OSX, so you aren’t alone

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This also happens to Linux users who don’t use steam for EVE. The fix that seems to work is to download an older version of the launcher and then refuse the launcher portion of the update. (See the thread in the linux section of the forum)

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My launcher is not working either. Not Steam version on Win10Pro Ryzen 7 3700X - Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

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There used to be bonuses for each bloodline, but they apparently got removed before the third bloodline was introduced for each faction. Oddly enough, if their position in the tables is anything to go by, this appears to be when the “modifier” bloodline for the Jove was added as well.

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Guardian’s Gala “date” sites currently require items that are not available to earn:’

After running a Gala Convention Hub, clearing all data containers, and attempting to access the Pleasure Hub we are faced with providing: 2019 Guardian’s Gala items, namely: Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls and YC121 Guardian’s Gala Ticket

Where do we get these now? (No, buy them on the market is not a reasonable answer)


Hey, how hard was to find a site? Are they rare? I guess it is required to be scanned by probes? Thx

Oh, you can open that tab in full screen?

I use tabs in windows as small as possible so I can still see the rest of the game.

It seems that with 19.01 the ability to make new portraits may have been broken. After a while they revert to their old one.

(Made a bug report too)

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:red_circle: wow. Going into these Gala sites gives you a not-removable red dot on the neocom. Lovely.

It is a mark of love. :red_circle: :heart: :small_red_triangle_down:


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No, dear Gerard, I cannot open it in full screen. The window with the tabs has both a minimum and a maximum size. The point is that when you switch tabs, you notice that the content of the window in question is squashed and differs from the layout of the other tabs.

Although it is commendable that you want to see more of the game, it is irrelevant at this point when you are docked.

It was just a hint from me, so there is no need to comment on it, any normal thinking person will simply notice that the window has not been well designed.

One thing is bothering me with those new jump animations.
Why at the end of warp ship is making that swoosh far away to the end? I mean those new effects should give immersion but wasn’t be better if ship just be at center of screen with camera behind it and at the end jump tunnel just open and without any camera move or transition we get on grid? Also it would be better to know when exactly You landed and loaded the grid

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Reporting broken aatars / portraits.

I check in Evewho three characters i have and all dont look as must be :

  • a transfer character i purchase show the old figure. (old portrait, not new)
  • A new chaarcter n active training. (blank square)
  • A new character in same account of the last, but NOT in ctive traning (blank square)
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Yep, it’s pissing me right the hell off.

That’s interesting, I had to switch from my Nvidia 1050 to to my Intel HD because of two things, Eve was having massive frame rate drops with long, like ten to twenty seconds of 0fps, and my computer was overheating. With the Intel I have overall slightly lower frame rates, but they are constant at about 90-110fps.
This last update made it much much worse for some reason.
To me this makes very little sense and the 1050ti, while a little dated, is made for this stuff while the Intel is very much not.

this has been happening to me for awhile too.

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