Version 19.01 - General Feedback

yeah , is a problem.

I wonder: How many people have used the super cap Recloner yet?

Since 19.01, minimized agent conversations no longer maximize when the mission is completed, a response many mission runners rely on.

In the current state, there is no equivalent solution. Indeed, if the mission info pane happens to be toggled off, there is now no on-screen feedback to the player at all that the mission is complete.

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A bit of a bummer but at least something I guess.
Couldnt care less about yet another unimmersive, lore breaking event, cluttering my UI.

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So, @CCP_Dopamine, I’ve noticed that now we’re getting a lot more ‘your sensors are still aligning’ messages on gates and jump gates. During that time, modules won’t activate on the ship trying to jump—like hardeners—but you can still get locked up and shot while you’re waiting to jump.

If I’d have fewer raw HP, I’d have a lossmail to demonstrate this. :stuck_out_tongue: 39P, about 16:25 EVE. I’m sure the logs show nothing.

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Since 19.01, shared mission rewards now intermittently report 0 or negative ISK in the notification to the receiver of the share. The actual transaction is fine.

@CCP_Dopamine Since the race thing is gone can we ask for one more small change then please?

If the idea is to more inclusive for all races of New Eden then surely we as an Amarr character should be able to wear Caldari clothing? And vise versa. If that Gallente citizen wants to wear an Amarr robe, let him be.

I soo long to wear the sleeveless open Caldari jacket to show my Amarr old mans abs. The people of New Eden deserve it to see it.



In the mission “Dred Pirate”, destroying the title character in either the first or second room after the starting gate yields only an empty wreck; there is no implant drop. If you do destroy her in the one of the first two rooms, she shows up again in the last room regardless. You only get credit for one kill, however. Has happened the last 4 times I have run the mission. Bug report has been submitted.

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my launcher stopped working. Cant play. Uninstalled game, tried to re-install and I can’t even install the game now since the launcher crashes.

Verfying cache integrity didn’t work either.


Unless they modify the way logi and boosting work etc - the optimal formation is always going to be a ball. You cant spread out as you always have to remain at range of some fixed point. So maybe it will look good in the warp tunnel but formations can never be a thing in actual game play.

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PLEASE!! Leave lt like it is… it was perfect in 1994 !

Please ! Jump animation is still annoying ! Let us opt out ! It’s also still broken mechanically like it was last time, and the autoselection of next gate issue is still there (although I personally don’t really care about that one, it’s a very frequent question and annoyance to players).

I would like to request an option to turn off the flashy, jumpie, zoomie grid in your face effect. After a few jumps, I kinda want to :face_vomiting:

Thank you in advance,

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Dear @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora @ccp_rise @ccp_karkur @CCP_Convict… I’m asking this here because there’s no feedback thread for your latest update announcement yet…

Soooo… the Revelation is an interdictor now? Does this mean there are dreadnought changes coming, or will the Rev be getting bubble launchers?

Is the Sabre getting XL turret slots, perchance, since it’s no longer listed as an interdictor?


Yes. I count myself among them. I would say also that it is not so minor. The RPG elements are what really impart meaning upon this game.


I read that announcement too and found it baffling.


Thumbs up to a quality comedy post there. :wink:

I, too, was looking for a thread to react to the new devblog… more to react to the marauder changes as I (used to) fly all 4 as I trained into each of them with the respective BS 5 but haven’t really for 2+ years now.

But yeah, I noticed the 1 Dread stuck under the 3 Dictors… wasn’t SURPRISED to not see the Sabre there getting buffs, but was quite surprised to see the Rev in its place! ;D

Ah wait, someone’s done it in Comms → General, at least: Bastions of War

I don’t know if anyone else is having disconnect problems but since the patch many of my sessions are disconnecting far more regularly than previously.

Ie. Before - 1 or 2 disconnects per week
Now - 3 or 4 disconnects per day. (Had 3 in one hour yesterday)

This “Load Charges” addition is really cool. In some instances much better than dragging ammo or fiddling with the right click menu. Well done. :slight_smile: